3 benefits you may not have known about and need to consider

We have already lost count of the times when the routine or our daily life gets complicated and we only have the option of go to the gym late. Many times we don’t even consider it and many times our response is an outright refusal full of excuses for which laziness is responsible. Corn We couldn’t have made a worse mistake. And that’s it, Exercising at night has more benefits than we think in different aspects of our lives. So much so that we will never again believe that the best time of day to exercise is in the morning.

The routine sometimes gives us no alternative but to play sports at night

do sports at night

Wondering which ones? here you have them:

It will improve your concentration

For exercise to be successful, you need to have as few distractions as possible and the later it is, regardless of the environment in which you practice the sport, the fewer distractions you will find and the better you can concentrate, so you better exercise the muscles.

But this concentration is not acquired only during the practice of a sport. Exercise helps us release tension and anxiety and clear the mind. In this sense, we will sleep better and perform better the next day.

you will sleep better

Although we feel more active and active after playing sports and we think it will prevent us from falling asleep, the opposite happens, you will sleep better. After the exercise, it will be necessary to wait approximately 60 minutes before making the decision to fall asleep, and two hours in the event that the exercise has been too intense. This will remove the adrenaline that we have secreted with sport and the body has had enough rest time to recover after the activity. After that, the accumulated fatigue of the whole day plus that caused by exercise, having eliminated stress and circadian rhythms will help to fall asleep.

You will gain energy and more muscle mass

According to a study from the University of North Texas, glycogen stores are lower in the morning because so many hours have passed since our last meal. So, although fat burning is promoted first thing in the morning, muscle catabolism or muscle destruction also occurs as the body uses its protein to function, making us weaker. Therefore, if we have maintained adequate nutrition during the day, the burning of protein will come from another source, supplying energy to the muscles.

In addition, having more reserves, our muscles will better assimilate the anaerobic exercise that is responsible for toning them.

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