Alfonso Herrera will be the new Batman in this Spotify podcast

Alphonse Herrera will be the voice of Batman in an ambitious project Spotify created in collaboration with Warner Bros and DC. It is Uncovered Batman Podcast, an audio series that will be released worldwide on May 3. This means that in addition to the original version with an English script, it will debut adapted to Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian and Italian .

The proposal in Spanish unburied batmanthe original English title, will feature the Mexican actor, Alphonse Herrera. This premiere comes after the show The Last Days of Maradona, a global launch from the multimedia company that was presented in six different adaptations.

So the story of protector of gotham city follows the same path seeking to reflect different cultures and languages, while remaining true to the main story. It is a project that arouses particular interest, not only because of its protagonists, but also because it takes place shortly after the premiere of Batman with Robert Pattinson

Alfonso Herrera will voice Batman in this ambitious Spotify project.Laura Cavanaugh

What is Batman Unearthed about?

unearthed batman will feature the screenwriter of Batman begins, David S Goyer, who also serves as the project’s executive producer. The story will take us to the depths of the spirit of its protagonistintertwining a series of dark bends where one will listen various classic villainsYes Working as a medical examiner at Gotham Hospital, the superhero must face his mental demons and also keep Gotham City safe.

“We have the unique opportunity to usher in a new era of the universally beloved dc superheroes through the sound world. The power of podcast has never been more evident than with David Goyer’s chilling soundscape masterpiece that tells the memorable story of Bruce Wayne‘, noted Dawn Ostroffdirector of content and advertising activities at Spotify.

When was Batman Unearthed released?

unearthed batman will have a world premiere May 3, 2022. This is the largest simultaneous global launch the entertainment company has had so far.

What is the cast of Batman Unearthed?

In its English version, Batman Unearthed will feature the participation of Duke Winston like bruce wayne hasan minhaj will be the Riddler, Gina Rodriguez will play Barbara Gordon, Jason Isaac like Alfred and launch reddick like Thomas Wayne. However, the particular adaptations for each country will feature exceptional talent. Alphonse Herrera He will do it from Mexico.

Alphonse Herrera

Mexican actor Alfonso Herrera, began his career with the film loving you hurts (2002), soap opera class 406 (2002) and Rebel (2004). The teen series allowed him to achieve worldwide fame and become part of the rbd music group. We’ve seen it in movies Venice (2009), it’s luck (2011) and The dance of 41 (2020). participated in the series sense8 in 2015 and in the fourth part of the Ozark; as well as in various rooms such as rain man and Swim with sharks.

Ana Brenda Contreras

Actress and singer of Mexican origin, Ana Brenda Contreras.

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