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Options include devices that monitor the body and encourage healthy habits.

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This April 7 marks World Health Day, a date that highlights the importance of applying habits that have a positive impact on our well-being; In this sense, technology has adapted to people’s lifestyles in order to contribute to health care.

To encourage users to adopt healthier routines, Samsung incorporates various features and technologies into its products, ranging from monitoring blood pressure to promoting healthier eating, eye and hearing care, and monitoring. of the quality of sleep.

We show you how you can use Samsung technology for your well-being:

Monitor your health while you exercise

The Galaxy Watch4 lets you measure indices such as Skeletal Muscle Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, Body Water, Fat Percentage and the exclusive Bioimpedance Body Composition Analysis feature.

In turn, the device helps users develop better sleep habits through seven-day tracking and two surveys. Then you will be guided through a program of management four to five weeks with quests, checklists, sleep-related articles, meditation, and regular reports.

On the other hand, if you plan to include exercise in your routine, the Samsung Health app – available on all mobile devices – will provide you with information about your body composition so you can track your physical transformation. You can also preset the duration, distance and number of sets with low or high intensity routines for a personalized workout.

Protect your vision and hearing health

With Galaxy Buds Pro, you can customize the way you experience sound. The Ambient Sound feature amplifies surrounding sounds by up to 20 decibels and four levels so you can choose the one that best suits each activity. A study of Clinical and experimental otolaryngology reported that this feature is effective in helping people with mild to moderate hearing loss hear the sounds around them better.

If you also want to take care of your eyes while watching your favorite program, Samsung has developed a wide range of televisions with technologies that reduce visual fatigue. The auto light function adjusts the brightness according to the environment to limit the light that reaches the eyes. TVs such as Neo QLED and QLED have been recognized by comprehensive “Eye Care” certification which includes evaluation of “Eye-safe”, “Eye-friendly”, flicker level), uniformity and fidelity colours.

Healthy and delicious recipes

You can create healthy, fresh snacks with Samsung refrigerators’ Twin Cooling Plus technology that retains up to 70% more humidity than other traditional refrigerators. Thus, the food is preserved in good condition without losing its original flavor.

Fridges like the Family Hub offer different healthy menus and guide you through preparing them through the SmartThings Cooking app so you can choose the options that best suit your tastes.

Purify the air in your home

Our home should always be decontaminated from harmful elements such as dust, mold and bacteria. Samsung air conditioners purify spaces through various filters and components that retain elements and particles that can affect our health.

Plus, Good Night Mode lets you intelligently cool your bedroom based on your sleep cycle, creating the perfect environment for a good night’s rest.


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