Collaboration approved by the State Congress and the State Institute of Culture – Addiction Bulletins

Guanajuato, Gto., April 6, 2022.- The Guanajuato State Congress and the State Institute of Culture signed this Wednesday a new collaboration agreement for the development of joint projects for the dissemination of the art and cultural heritage of Guanajuato.

The formalization of this link, which gives continuity to the agreement established in 2019, was held at the headquarters of the State Congress in an event attended by deputies of the Government Council and the political coordination of the Congress of State and Education, Science and Technology and Culture.

The agreement was signed by deputies María de la Luz Hernández Martínez and Lilia Margarita Rionda Salas; the deputies Luis Ernesto Ayala Torres, Ernesto Milan Soberanes, Alejandro Arias Ávila and Christian Cruz Villegas, of the State Congress and head of the National Institute of Culture.

“By ratifying this agreement, we seek not only to ensure that this legislative headquarters continues to be a place of cultural activities, but also to bring the different expressions that nurture the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Guanajuato closer to legislators; so that they get to know them, fall in love with them and, to this extent, they can support them and integrate their promotion and dissemination into their social agendas,” said the Director General of the IEC.

For her part, Deputy María de la Luz Hernández Martínez, President of the Commission for Education, Science and Technology and Culture, said: “Today we have the great responsibility of continuing to open spaces for the promotion and participation of culture because without a doubt, if we want social peace, It’s the best way.”

The agreement established by the CEI and the State Congress supports the joint organization of activities such as exhibitions, artistic performances, lectures, lectures, seminars and other events at the legislative headquarters. It also allows the co-production of artistic projects, the co-publishing of publications and the loan between libraries.

The two entities established a first collaboration agreement in October 2019, whereby concerts were held at the Legislative House with groups such as the Children’s and Youth Winds Musical Symphony Orchestra or the State Music Band; as well as various editorial presentations, lectures on literature, history and cultural heritage and exhibitions such as “Devices of Independence” or the most recent “Retrospective”, by Guanajuato engraving master José Julio Rodríguez.

The future program of activities under this agreement includes exhibitions, a series of literary dialogues and another concert, which will be announced in the coming weeks.


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