Disagree: the Health Union ratifies the strike “for an indefinite period”

Six days after hundreds of professionals in the Health of Mendoza started the strike in demand for improvements in working conditions, everything indicates that the conflict will last until the doctors obtain an answer to their request so that the services in the teams and other services are invoiced in white and not on presentation of a invoice. They also requested the transfer to the plant of doctors, technicians and specialists from different fields who, after many years, failed to be transferred to the permanent plant.

The decision to proceed with the forceful measure was taken after a long day in which progress was expected in negotiations between the parties. A total of 700 professionals from Health represented in the Ampros union, have carried out the request and are ready not to back down until the government of Rodolfo Suárez publishes a list with the names and surnames of the doctors and specialists whose situation, according to them, must be regularized.


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