Gomita shows in video the before and after his gastric bypass surgery

The famous showed how she takes care of the surgery with which she lost more than 13 kilos

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Gomita shows in video the before and after his gastric bypass surgery

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Gastric Bypass Results to which he suffered last September is beginning to stand out in the physique of gummy, who once again conquered the Internet by showing off on social networks, through several videos, what it looks like after losing about 13 kilos thanks to these surgeries.

Through her official Instagram account, Aracely Ordaz Campos shared several tiktoks, with different changes of clothes with the intention of show your before and after intervention, showing how well the clothes fit her with the obvious transformation.

“It’s me but 13 kilos less”, he wrote next to one of the recordings.

Additionally, the former payasita launched a dynamic Q&A to clear up some of her followers’ most common doubts about the surgery, one of the constants being whether it’s as painful as liposuction.

“In this case, I came out of surgery and when I woke up it hurt a little, they made me walk and the pain was gone,” said Gomita, who, in her expert opinion, said he feels more pain with liposuction because of the way it’s done.

The famous social network dispelled other doubts about her new habits, pointing out that she takes several vitamins and denied that she does not tolerate almost any food, she also clarified that she consumes spicy foods and chocolates, although that she first take a gastric protector so as not to hurt her stomach.

Although he didn’t reveal the cost of the surgery he did give some details on why he decided to operate in Venezuela and not Mexico, well he said here they are asking for a fixed weight to be able to carry out the intervention.

Gomita posted another image in which she was seen crying over people’s reactions to her new operation, thanking shows of support and congratulations for the change and asking those who criticized her to stop the trials because few know what the decisions hide behind it.

“They make me cry, some judge me for what I have done. Some congratulate me on the big change. I just want to congratulate myself because all this time I have been looking for my happiness. They don’t know everything that I have gone through or lived behind every surgery. Harassment, physical, psychological, at work and at home. Insults on my physique, especially in the networks. Everything has a reason, I only ask you to do what makes you happy, you don’t come to please others. It’s your life,” he concluded.


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