Invap seeks new markets in Chile for Argentinian technology

Picture: Invap.

Rio Negro technology company Invap presents its developments in radars, satellites and unmanned aircraft at the 2022 edition of the International Air and Space Show (Fidae) which Chile organizes every two years, and in which it hopes to finalize agreements to open the door to new destinations for Argentine technology.

Invap presents at Fidae its entire range of products and services which offer various innovative technologies for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), military surveillance and 3D air traffic control radars, gyrostabilized electro-optical sensors, air traffic control, monitoring and control centers, among others.

Products to show

This year, Invap is exhibiting in Chile, among other products, the RPA-170M, a next-generation transportable 3D surveillance radar for airspace control, designed for rapid deployment with minimal personnel on any terrain, and the RUAS 160, a compact rotary wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, with long range and a modular design that allows for different payloads, adapting the system for use in defense and security activities, agricultural industries, hydrocarbons, forestry, mining, firefighting, search and rescue on land or at sea and medical operations, among others.

The head of the Defense, Security and Environment domain of the Rio Negro firm, Dario Giussi, declared in a dialogue with Télam that “Invap has been participating for several years in Fidae within the Argentine offer; this year, we will show everything we are developing in radar and surveillance technologies, and we will also participate in the “Space Summit” which is taking place in parallel where we will bring all our experience in satellites”.

“This show is an opportunity for many international players to get to know us, to have direct contact with our developments, to forge new links within the regional market and to seek opportunities at the international level; this Wednesday was not only the second day of the show and we were able to establish some very interesting bases”, he added.

Picture of invap
Picture: Invap.

Giussi pointed out that “the presence of Invap at Fidae also brings to this fair several Argentinian technological SMEs which are part of many of our projects as developers or constructors of different components and which, through these opportunities, are beginning to be taken into international consideration”.


Invap is one of the main high-tech companies in Argentina with 45 years of presence in the national and international market, focused on very complex projects, it is able to generate products and services according to customer requirements, satisfying all stages of a project, from preliminary advice to the delivery of turnkey systems.

The company is organized into different strategic business units that bring innovation and creativity to the market, such as the design and construction of radars for military use for traffic control and aviation security and for weather event monitoring.

It also develops Earth observation satellites for environmental risk management, telecommunications satellites, the design and construction of nuclear research and radioisotope production plants for medical use, and the supply of centers specialized nuclear medicine, in addition to multiple engineering services for different industries.

INVAP’s Defense, Security and Environment Directorate has ventured into the complex field of defense development and production since the mid-2000s, advancing mainly in the field of defense electronics and in particular in that dedicated to radar technology sensors, oriented towards the fields of surveillance and military control in the air, land and sea, as well as those related to the control and management of commercial air traffic and general aviation.

Picture of invap
Picture: Invap.

In the Argentinian pavilion of the 2022 edition of Fidae, the Argentine Aircraft Factory (FAdeA), MBA, DTA, Redimec, FixView and Aero Transport Engineering Consulting SA also participate.

This Thursday, the Minister of Defense, Jorge Taiana, will visit the international fair taking place in Chile to participate in the presentation of the IA 100B “Malvina” basic training aircraft developed by the FAdeA.

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