Lauren Conrad’s Business The Little Market Involves Far Less Drama Than ‘The Hills’


In 2004, Lauren Conrad began her reality TV career when she starred on the MTV show Laguna Beach. The show followed Lauren, Kristin Cavallari, Stephen Colletti and others as they navigated the drama inside their Orange County high school. After two seasons in Laguna Beach, Lauren moved on to The Hills, a show focused on her pursuit of a fashion design degree in Los Angeles. Soon his conflicts with his old friends, like Heidi Montag, became more apparent. Lauren decided to leave the show in 2009.

Since The Hills, the California native has appeared on camera several times. In Season 2 of Netflix’s Get Organized With The Home Edit, Lauren enlisted the help of Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin with her non-profit store, The Little Market. But what exactly is the activity of the former reality TV star? That’s what you need to know.

Source: Netflix Lauren Conrad co-created The Little Market to “empower women”.

Lauren created The Little Market in 2013 with her co-founder, Hannah Skvarla. The friends came up with the idea during a trip to Tanzania and Uganda in 2012. There, they met several artisans who were making impressive products but lacked Lauren’s massive platform. Soon they merged their fashion, design and non-profit backgrounds to launch The Little Market.

According to the company’s website, Lauren and Hannah sell bags, candles, sugar scrubs, hand sanitizers and more, all made by “artisan groups and social enterprises in underprivileged communities.” served”. After each sale, the entrepreneurs ensure that the creators earn a “living wage” to provide “economic self-sufficiency for women around the world through living income opportunities”.

“Our mission is to empower women,” Lauren wrote on The Little Market. “Putting financial independence in their hands and giving them the resources they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families is truly empowering.

Will Lauren Conrad ever return to reality TV? Source: Getty Images

Prior to The Little Market, Lauren had already built a career off of her reality TV fame. She published her first novel, LA Candy, in 2010. Following the success of LA Candy, she wrote two more books, Sweet Little Lies and Sugar and Spice. Although the book series is fiction, he told MTV News that LA Candy was a great example of “the other side of a show like ours.”

In addition to her books, Lauren created her clothing line, LC by Lauren Conrad, which began selling exclusively at Kohl’s in 2009. She has also written several lifestyle books over the years. However, Lauren apparently isn’t missing her reality days at all.

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Although The Hills returned to MTV with most of its original cast in 2019, the show’s OG was noticeably lacking. Asked about the possibility of making an appearance, Lauren said her new life with her husband, William Tell, and their children, Charlie Wolf and Liam James, made her life more fulfilling now.

“I won’t, but I appreciate it. [fans want it]Lauren told Entertainment Tonight about her appearance on The Hills: New Beginnings. “To be honest, my priorities have changed. Number 1 in my family, and it takes a lot to be on reality TV. It takes a lot emotionally.

Lauren also added, “It’s been a long time commitment, and I’ve been doing it for a long time, and I’m very grateful for my time in television, but now I’m in a place where between my family and my career, J I have a pretty full plate, so I’m not looking to add anything.”


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