PES slams Health Secretary won’t accept there’s a drug shortage

East Wednesday 6 April went to State Congress meet privately with MPs, the Secretary for Health and Social Welfare, Martha Janeth Espinosa Mejiato inform policy makers on how the supply of drugs to hospitals and clinics in the health sector is supported, as well as the lack of supplies and equipment for staff.

At the end of the meeting, the sole alternate of the Solidarity Meeting Evening (EPS), Kathia Zared Castillotold reporters that the chief health officer at no time acknowledged there was a shortage of drugs and insisted on the official position that she had issued 3 times more than during the previous administration.

From the interview, the legislator assured that she was “dissatisfied”, because the secretary did not answer the questions put to her, but that there was very little time left for the appearance. “I am not satisfied with the information. She laid out how they were before and how they are now, and I really consider that, personally, I’m not interested in how they were before, what I want to know is how they are now, because now that I’m on this mission, I’m for the answers to the demand.”

He mentioned that he asked the official 2 questions and a suggestion, “and she didn’t answer any of them so I’m not satisfied, that’s why I didn’t appear in the photo, because for me it was not a fruitful meeting.”

Kathia Zared Castillo He said, “What I asked him was to go to the Regional hospital, and with that I was silent, because if they had left, they would have known the problem by themselves. I insisted that they go to the hospital and listen to the people and their needs”.

The legislator of ESP He commented when interviewed that “they say they have tripled the drug supply, when in reality there is no gauze, no gloves, no thermometers, no oximeters… What are we talking about? -they ? What have they increased? That’s what I don’t understand and he didn’t answer my questions.”

His only answer, he explained, was: “There is triple, there is triple; say it Health SecretaryThe governor says so, but triple what, and they insist it was worse before, when people at the hospital say healthcare was never 100%, but that didn’t never been so deplorable as now.

The deputy of ESP He claimed that internal doctors have to buy the equipment to be able to operate and learn.

He insisted that until the irregularities in hospitals in the health sector are corrected, “I will not get tired of presenting warrants until they accept and go to the Regional hospital listen to people’s problems.

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