Seremi del Deporte announced that highlighting the importance of physical activity in the population will be one of his priority tasks

Every April 6, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace is commemorated. In a conversation with Nuestra Pauta, the sportswoman Seremi, Andrea Saldaña, detailed the agenda of activities that take place during the week throughout the Biobío region and highlighted the importance of practicing sports activities, especially in the outside.

SEREMI pointed out that, less than a week after taking office, this schedule has enabled “to know the reality of the different municipalities and to exchange with those who have this need to participate, to go out, to meet. There is a huge interest in reactivating after these two years which have been terrible, not only for athletes, but also for children and adolescents..

In this sense, Andrea Saldaña argued that “The country’s situation regarding indicators related to sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity is not very encouraging”. To combat this reality, he stressed, it is necessary to strengthen intersectoral work.

Another challenge, the authority said, is related to the resumption of competitive sports activities.

One of the milestones that marked the first weeks of the new government was the promulgation of the law that professionalized women’s football. In this regard, Seremi Saldaña – the first woman to hold this position – argued that this new regulatory framework “It goes beyond football and gives importance to the participation of women in sport” and highlighted the possibility of meeting professional footballers from Biobío to present the main aspects of the law and also to know their stories.

Finally, SEREMI reiterated that as a portfolio, it will seek to ensure support for athletes. “It is one of the central elements and I hope that we can strengthen it, not only with coordination or with public-private alliances (…) We must give signals as a government on how we visualize sport, what role we give it in the development of society. I think it will be one of the priorities of the government, this is how it is proposed”, raised.

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