Sport, the best way to confront violence and inequalities: Montreal

The Senate recognized athletes, wrestlers, boxers, Olympic and Paralympic medalists, as well as sports representatives and authorities, on the occasion of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

The President of the Political Coordination Council (Jucopo), Ricardo Montrealunderlined that the collaboration between the sports community and the Senate represents a decisive factor in improving the living conditions of the population and the future of the country.

Sport “is the best way to meet the challenges against violence, poverty and inequality”, stressed the parliamentary coordinator of Morena during the event that took place in the room of the Standing Committee.

There, Monreal Ávila and the chairman of the board, Olga Sanchez Corderopresented awards to Olympic medalists Fernando Platas, Joel Sánchez and Carlos Mercenario, as well as World Wrestling Council representative Atlantis.

Additionally, they recognized the work of promoting the sport of Mauricio Sulaimán Saldivar, President of the World Boxing Council; Daniel Aceves Villagrán, president of the Mexican Olympic Committee; Liliana Suárez Carreño, President of the Mexican Paralympic Committee; and Alejandro Barrón, from the Sports Diplomacy of the United States Embassy.

In these “convulsive times”, expressed Ricardo Monreal, where armed conflicts and social unrest are spreading throughout the world, it is necessary to promote the leadership of representatives of this sector and inter-institutional cooperation, to foster a culture of friendship, solidarity, mutual support between peoples, communities and nations.

He assured that peace as a fruit of justice cannot be achieved only by the use of force, but that it is necessary to cultivate the principles and values ​​that sport generates, in order to promote better relations. between peoples and nations, “even in the face of problems such as the war between Russia and Ukraine or climate change”.

Olga Sánchez Cordero assured that exercise has the power to transform societies and overcome all barriers, as it unites and connects all ages, sectors and classes. Moreover, he said, it transcends inequalities, creates hope and is a lever that unites families and nations, “because it offers us unforgettable moments, triumphs and successes”. He emphasized that sport is synonymous with sacrifice, discipline, drive, preparation, passion, talent, dedication, career, empowerment, exemplary and inspiring lives, skill and teamwork. .

The senator of the National Action Party (PAN), Alejandra Noemi Reynoso Sanchezargued that it is necessary to bet on the recovery of public spaces for families and leisure for young people, “because it is a factor that contributes to the empowerment of the community as a whole, to the construction of peace and crime prevention”.

For the PRI parliamentary group, Senator Angel Garcia Yanez indicated that sports activities are a “powerful instrument” that strengthens social ties and promotes sustainable development, peace and respect, therefore, from the Senate it is essential to generate the necessary contributions for their development and promotion.

From the Citizen Movement, Senator Dante Delgado affirmed that sport has the capacity to transform and change the world, as it unites women, men, families, regions and nations; therefore, “my thanks to the whole sports community, because Mexico owes them a lot”.

The senator of the PVEM, Raúl Bolanos-Cacho Cuéspecified that it is necessary to promote strategies of social intervention in order to achieve the objectives of peace and development proposed by the Agenda 2030, of the ON, “because it is in these moments of so many division that the country knows and polarization that there is in the world, that sport has the capacity to inspire”.

The PRD senator, Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, considered that physical culture must be put at the service of humanity, because it must be an essential part of life and a fundamental element in the construction of peace, because it offers conditions of harmony”.

The senator of the Plural Group, Nancy de la Sierra Arámburo, highlighted the fundamental role that this activity has in people’s lives for the promotion of human rights. Football, baseball, wrestling, he said, are extremely valuable tools for building the social fabric in the country’s poorest communities as they prevent crime and promote more inclusive solutions.

For his part, the president of the World Boxing Council and president of the Mexican Sports Council, Mauricio Sulaimán Saldívar, said that sport changes people’s lives and is society’s only ally to solve their problems.

The director general of the Harp Helú Foundation for Sport, Daniel Aceves Villagrán, has made six proposals with the aim of improving the conditions of athletes and the health of Mexicans, among them protecting resources at the federal, municipal and state levels for this sector; create an Advisory Council composed of the public and private sectors; and a census of facilities, among others.

Liliana Suárez Carreño, president of the Mexican Paralympic Committee (CPM)thanked the openness of the Senate to recognize the contributions of sport and regretted that Russian athletes were not allowed to participate in the Paralympic and Olympic Games.

“Talking about sport leads us to raise awareness and we must not let our guard down in promoting sport and physical activity.”



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