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A new design that is much more, with the aim of enriching the cultural and artistic debate. Global letterthe cultural digital of World Chroniclewhich is part of Global Media Group (GMG)and whose publisher is Eva Mollwants to reflect the plurality of voices of the literary panorama, with particular attention to fiction. Digital includes new sections to also facilitate the participation of the entire literary and cultural community.

Global letterwhich offers content for media subscribers, will also publish open articles to approach a more diverse audience, with topics such as they choosewhich gives voice to publishers, writers and artists, and the section we choose everythingin which the publication itself will offer the works of the week in the fields of literature, theater, art or music.

On this occasion, it is the Minister of Culture himself, miquel icetawho offers his cultural preferences in the different fields, with a video in which he expresses his penchant for classics such as The Odysseybut also by television series, such as The wealth Where The Durrells.

Image from the second season of ‘Euphoria’ / HBO

The series, precisely, will be the subject of greater attention from Letra Global, with the signatures of Ramon of Spain and of Ariana Bascianiwhich breaks down the various novelties that appear on the platforms, but also with an analysis of documentaries and mini-series that dive into characters from the musical, theatrical or cinematographic fields.

Philosophy and democracies

In the Elegimos todos section, the work chosen this week is Ghost Barcelona, ​​which includes articles from Ramon of Spain to Global Letter on the Barcelona of the seventies and eighties. With the edition of Vegeta Editionsthe book reflects a city that has undergone a huge transformation, with spaces and cultural publications that no longer exist, but which have left a great imprint in the Catalan capital.

Reflection on democratic systems, on the political situation, always seen from a cultural perspective, remains topical Global letternow under the label of democracies. And he plunges, with classic and modern authors, into philosophy, as shown by one of Francesc Arroyo’s last reflections on Epicureanism.

The writer Fernanda Melchor / LENA PRIETO

The writer Fernanda Melchor / LENA PRIETO

The publication will also solicit the participation of readers with the promotion of literary prizes, to promote the storytelling, illustration and photography. And it will be attentive to the cultural agenda of the major Spanish cities.

Connection with Latin America

In the area of ​​interviews, Anna Maria Church keep shredding great authors. The writer accompanies Mercedes de Pablos with his literary analyses. The publication also wishes to enter into contact with the large Hispanic community and is therefore counting on the complicity of publishers and writers, such as those responsible for the Mexican label Gris Tormenta.

Martín Caparrós, author of Ñamérica, in the interview with 'Letra Global' / CG

Martín Caparrós, author of ‘Ñamérica’, in the interview with ‘Letra Global’ / CG

In the industry, attention has also been drawn to authors such as Carlos Granes Where Martin Caparros, which indicate this particular cultural link between Spain and the Latin American continent. And new voices are not left out, like that of the Mexican writer Fernanda Melchor. She herself captured, Global lettera particular guide to current Latin American literature.

Global letter it also offers space for music: classical and modern. And for this he has the publisher and literary critic Andreu James –in addition to writing about great authors and literary events, as is the case this year with James Joyce’s Ulysses– and with Lola Penawho has just dissected, piece by piece, the new album of Rosalie, mom.

Rosalía in a promotional image for 'Motomami'

Rosalía, in a promotional image for ‘Motomami’

Art, from the reflection on the artistic fact, but also with the analysis of the best exhibitions, is responsible for Ignacio Vidal-Folchwhich leads the reader to wonder about the raison d’être of this painter who marked him so much.

Letra Global has other collaborators, like the writer Gonzalo Tornéwho always seeks the raison d’être of creators like Baudelaire or Virginia Woolf. In this ongoing dialogue between authors, the latest publication by Mercedes de Pablos, who wrote about Torné’s anthology on Woolf’s diaries, stands out.

paper magazine

The attention of the cultural publication of World Chronicle It will also focus on books for children and adolescents, who enjoy good health in Spain. And you won’t forget the spaces dedicated to science, like the last entry on The cultural life of antsnor the reports themselves on other reference publications, such as the one devoted to the magazine Ínsula.

The fourth volume of the paper magazine 'Letra Global', as well as previous issues / PABLO MIRANZO

The fourth volume of the paper magazine ‘Letra Global’, as well as previous issues / PABLO MIRANZO

Global Letter publish every year paper magazine which focuses, in each edition, on a specific subject, and which also brings together a selection of the best information published in digital format. In the last edition, the fourth, the central report was devoted to the culture wars in Spain and the impossibility of finding, for the moment, a common space where differences could be settled. Interviews with Orlando Figes, Emilio Morenatti, Soledad Sevilla, Ignacio Martinez de Pison Where Jose Antonio Marina.

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