“The business of my life”, offers Carlos Loret to sell an apartment to AMLO… for 5 million dollars

The driver Carlos Loret de Mola propose to the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sell him the alleged journalist’s apartment in Miamiwith a valuation of $5 million.

The section chief Who is who in the lies?, Ana Elizabeth Garcia Vilchishe mentioned during the morning lecture “How would Chico Che say, who pumped!” and asked the reporter to explain the alleged ownership of 13 apartments in Mexico and the hypothesis department in Miami.

It is to remember that AMLO and Carlos Loret de Mola has had a media feud since February 2022, when the report of Mexicans against corruption and impunityd posted by latinus -media where Loret de Mola works- on the houses where he lived Jose Ramon Beltran and Carolyn Adamsson and daughter-in-law of the president.

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The same discussion degenerated into an arbitrary presentation of the alleged Bank accounts of the journalist during the morning press conference.

It was through Twitter that he Loret de Mola offered the apartment for the millionaire cost in foreign currency to the President López Obrado. “Today @lopezobrador_ says I have an apartment in Miami worth $5 million! I’m selling it right now for $5 million. This will be the business of my life. And he can give it to one of his children”, expressed the news anchor.

The communicator also explained that he does not own eight hectares of land in well done valleyas well as that of the 13 departments which appear on the list issued by INational Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI), even the properties of a family member appear.

I am therefore sorry to disappoint you if you seek to expropriate me to give them to one of your children.“Concluded Carlos Loret de Mola on one of his tweets.

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In the morning” AMLO mentioned that Carlos Loret has “enriched and what he does is not journalism“, he also added that”All assets of Carlos Loret de Mola will leave“, in reference to “citizens“they sent him information about an alleged”an 8-hectare mansion in Valle de Bravo, valued at 120 million pesos!”.


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