The right to health and for an economy with healthy life alternatives

It is not necessary to underline the way in which the pandemic has highlighted the inequalities in the world, in the access to health. Health, a fundamental right which should not be denied to anyone, is yet one of the main aspects of life which, in most of the world, has been privatized, limited and to which millions of people have no equitable access. conditions.

It is essential to create public health policies that not only enable full and equitable access to health services, but also broadly strengthen people’s capacity to build healthy living alternatives. Therefore, it is necessary to build a culture and infrastructure that promotes social justice, people’s life and health and not profit. The heteropatriarchal capitalist system, which is based on various forms of dispossession, extractivism and terrible attacks on the territories and bodies of people, affects the low indices of well-being in our country. Health-related policies and the historic neoliberal health service deficit have left large swaths of the population without healthy living alternatives.

The need for access to healthy environments is an emergency that requires access to clean air and water, food sovereignty, access to reproductive justice, access for all people and all children to a life free from violence, access to health and job security, rest and leisure, healthy social relationships, mental and emotional health, environmental and restorative justice, among other aspects.

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Capitalism favors profit and exploitation. We live in a system that deprives millions of people of the world of dignity and quality of life. The urgency of accessing healthy environments calls for a change in narratives and above all in practices. Access to health is not possible as long as territories continue to be dispossessed and bodies exploited. The living corporeity torn from the daily life of the farm nullifies the possibilities of accessing healthy living alternatives.

Structural changes are needed globally. The existence of habitable spaces, habitable, healthy, safe and stable territories is required. Currently, the picture is extremely complex, not only because of the challenges posed by the pandemic, but also because of the degradation that the heteropatriarchal capitalist system has imposed on Mother Earth and people’s lives. Health must be understood and extended beyond medical services and there is an urgent need to integrate all aspects that people need to have healthy lives, healthy communities and livable spaces.

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