US sanctions Putin’s two official daughters and two major banks

The responsibility for the atrocities committed in Bucha, a Ukrainian town on the outskirts of kyiv, lies entirely with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his family and the elites.

The responsibility for the cruel barbarism in Bucha, on the outskirts of kyiv, lies with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his family and the country’s elites.

This is inferred from the new round of sanctions that Washington, along with the G-7 and European allies, announced on Wednesday. Katerina Tikhonova and Maria Poutina (or Maria Vorontsova), Putin’s two grown daughters (notorious for their occultism) are part of this new retaliatory package.

Other people linked to Putin are also listed. Those most affected are the wife and daughter of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and members of the Kremlin security council, including former president and former prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. An official source pointed out that all will have their flow cut off in the banking system and their assets in the United States will be blocked.

This lot includes the two main banking institutions of Russia, Sberbank and Alfa Bank.

In parallel, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the indictment of oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev for violations of sanctions, and the dismantling of a cybercrime operation launched by Russian military intelligence.

Also included in the escalating retaliation are Russia’s two main banking institutions, Sberbank and Alfa Bank. In this way, the assets are prohibited from passing through the American financial system and it also prevents Americans from doing business with these two institutions, the aforementioned official source pointed out.

Sberbank is the main artery of the Russian financial system and owns a third of the country’s assets. In February, a limited sanction had already been reported. This time, however, an absolute sanction is imposed with the effective freezing of its relations with the American financial system.

Alfa Bank is the largest private entity and the fourth largest institution in the Russian network.


LV_The United States imposes sanctions on two daughters of Putin and on major banks

“I have made it clear that Russia will pay a severe and immediate price for its atrocities in Bucha,” US President Joe Biden said.

Economic measures prohibit new investments in Russia and also affect major state-owned companies. Biden plans to sign an executive order that includes the veto of these new investments by U.S. citizens wherever they are or reside. This is intended to accentuate Russia’s isolation in the global economy.

This other round represents a continuation of previous actions by the Treasury Department which has already frozen Russian funds in the United States to make debt payments in US jurisdiction. “We are stepping up the sanctions to the point that they can bring down a large economy,” the source said.

According to White House data, more than 600 companies have left Russia and their supply chain is broken. Domestic product (GDP) will contract 15% this year, erasing gains of a decade and a half. Inflation is already at 15% and is expected to climb above 20%.

“The country is returning to the Soviet way of life, to the standards of the 1980s,” said the spokesperson. “Even an autocrat like Putin – he added – has a social contract with the citizens. Having lost his freedom in exchange for security, if insecurity is imposed by sanctions, at some point he should worry about his permanence in power.

This source left a veiled threat to China if it circumvents the sanctions: the United States dominates the financial system.

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