Varilux®: premium lens technology so you can see

Every millimeter of the glass surface is optimized for incredible sharpness. In T13 discover how this technology works

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Sometimes you may have more than one visual difficulty and it can become more cumbersome to be able to see well near and far at the same time. This is why progressive lenses provide a solution to deal with it. GMO presents Varilux® technology from Essilor®, which has the best quality and in its stores you can find law43choosing the crystals best suited to your needs.

Varilux Technology® allows us to offer products that adapt to the needs of each patient, in addition to being more aesthetic than bifocal or trifocal lenses, they provide greater comfort. The world’s number 1 progressive lens technology provides a greater expanse of visual fields, highlighting the broad platform of designs.

Progressive lenses are corrective, that is, they adapt to the visual needs of each user with presbyopia (the progressive loss of the eyes’ ability to focus on near objects). They are crystals with different fields of vision adapted to each need and allow to see clearly at a distance.

The technology found in GMO is perfect for presbyopic adults as well as for presbyopic people with rigid postures, visual fatigue or who are simply looking for visual quality and everyday comfort.

How does this technology work?

Every millimeter of the glass surface is optimized for incredible sharpness. This means that wherever the person looks, focus is instantaneous, even when changing your gaze position from far to near, you can have a smooth and comfortable transition.

In Chile there are three types of Varilux crystals® found in GMO stores:

Varilux® Comfort Max: It is ideal for people with a large number of daily activities who are looking for comfort and postural flexibility. These lenses are designed to alleviate the discomfort associated with the digital environment, as well as the limitations associated with wearing progressive lenses such as rigid and awkward postures. This allows you to provide optimal vision throughout the day.

Varilux® Physio 3.0: Ideal for people with an active lifestyle. Thanks to their Binocular Booster technology, these lenses are ideal for the active presbyopic patient. Its design provides excellent binocular vision to improve the transition between the different fields of vision: far, near and vice versa, allowing faster focusing and high resolution vision.

Varilux® X-Series: These lenses have been specially designed for multitaskers and technicians looking for more advanced performance without limits. It is available in the Varilux® X Design version and the Xclusive version, the latter of which can be personalized according to the user’s parameters, the design of the frame and its visual behavior in near vision, which guarantees a volume of vision within reach of your eyes. , a reduction in the “rocking” effect and a greater sense of balance, providing greater depth in the visual field.

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