Venezuelan nutrition coach teaches how to change lifestyle in Chile


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Santiago de Chile.- The path of Laura Fonseca (@lauritafons) to get to the top in Santiago was full of inclines. However, each episode allowed him to recompose his mind to reach the emotional and physical fullness.

Fonseca was born in Cuicas, municipality of Carache, Trujillo, 30 years ago. He graduated as doctor in the Francisco de Miranda Experimental University. I worked in the choir hospital. She emigrated on December 27, 2017, with her daughter and a friend. They were received in Santiago by her husband and part of his paternal family.

She started as a telephone operator in the Gasco company, then as a carer for patients with physical disabilities. At this point he had to live only a Chilean patient with a psychiatric state He chased her out of her house with a cane at 11 p.m.

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This sacrifice allowed her to take and pass the Single National Examination of Medical Knowledge (Eunacom), in July 2018. Thanks to this, she was hired as a doctor in a Family Health Center (Cesfam). from Puente Alto, where worked 44 hours a week. There he worked emergency shifts for 2 years.

neglected his health, gained weight and suffered from stress. In 2019, he invested in a restaurant and it didn’t go well. But this was the push he needed to reset. So in 2020, with the pandemic, it started give you a changea program in which he works as certified diet coach and personal trainer. The educate, motivate and inspirewith a 30-day program that includes nutritional guidance and a 5-times-a-week home workout plan.

“It’s a challenge for people who can’t go to a gym or who have never taken a dumbbell. Here we teach lose your fears It’s a lifestyle-based challenge. It’s not just another diet,” he says.

Give yourself a Change includes weekend outdoor activities, educational classes and personalized medical advice with research on chronic pathologies. Additional offers a sports kit with tools to start a new lifestyle.

It has a multidisciplinary team for quality care. “Here they spent more than 700 people. It’s a project that allows me to change lives, to give them the boost they need to understand that it is possible to have a better lifestyle by being a mother, wife and fulfilling work hours. “, she assures.

Today Laura dreams of specialize in neurology to connect neuronutrition and empower those who really want to make a difference.

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