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La Paz, Baja California Sur, (OEM-Informex).- Mr. Roberto García Ortiz, originally from the State of Sinaloa, who for 10 years had a seafood business in the city of La Paz called Mariscos Las Palapas del Vado, commented that in this high season of Lent and Easter, sales have increased by 70%, with greater foreign tourism, as well as national tourism, which has increased the sales of this company dedicated to products of the sea and to the delicacies of the sea. , being these of great culinary attraction for tourists, as well as for the citizens of La Paz.

“10 years ago we saw the opportunity to start a business from the García Ortiz family, since we are from Sinaloa and we were dedicated to the purchase and sale of seafood wholesale and retail , we gave ourselves an opportunity and decided to bring a bit of our land so that people can try our seafood dishes, Sinaloa has always been characterized by offering very authentic dishes such as its famous aguachile among other dishes , that’s why we decided to open a family seafood business, we had the illusion that we could endure going out and have the people’s preference.

“What we sell the most are dishes that we have invented, such as: ‘zicaria’, which is a delicious garnish of fresh seafood (octopus, tripe and prawns) on a base of mixed ceviche and “avocado, bathed in the house sauce. . ‘El mitotero, la mentada’, ceviches, cocktails, cold dishes. We have invented some dishes and luckily they are very popular with people, they ask for a lot”.

Some of its specialties are: perched toast, mitotero, zicaria, molcajete, mitotero ceviche, breaded shrimp, aguachile, chocolate clams, seafood molcajete, shrimp quesataco, breaded fish, fish ceviche, seafood spaghetti, mojo garlic fish, shrimp tacos, soured shrimp, sashimi, among other seafood specialties, with an environment for the whole family.

The famous “zicaria” has a price of 170 pesos and the special 190 pesos, the molcajete has a cost of 170 pesos, the special 190 pesos, the aforesaid 180 pesos, the special 200 pesos, the mitotero 190 pesos, the fruit spaghetti sea ​​It is priced at 160 pesos and the average at 140 pesos. Cold dishes outsell hot dishes, largely due to the hot weather in the city of La Paz.

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A family from Sinaloa that for 10 years has remained the favorite of its hosts, the García Ortiz family, which has conquered the palate of the citizens of La Paz and of those who visit us. With an original Sinaloian touch, zicaria, mint, mitotero have remained in the taste of customers. “Sales this peak season have been much better than last year, although the Covid issue continues to affect us food businesses.”

Lent and Holy Week have brought greater foreign and domestic tourism in this high season, where greater movement has been seen, especially in some seafood businesses, pending an economic recovery that benefits this type of tourism. ‘business. Shrimps and fish come from Sinaloa, other seafood products are regional in this sea trade.


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