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Samsung might surprise and use MediaTek processors with the Galaxy S23. We don’t know if this is a “defeat” for Qualcomm, or for Samsung’s own processors…

Investing in NFT games remains a high risk. F1 Delta Team game ends and NFTs that were worth $300,000 yesterday are worth nothing today.

Be careful where you download the popular VLC Player: cybercriminals use it to introduce malware. Always run antivirus before installing.

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Dangers of NFTs: Shut down F1 game Delta Time and Ubisoft’s NFTs, they paid $300,000 for tokens worth nothing today. read the news

They detect a vulnerability in Samsung mobiles that allows you to restore the device without a password. read the news

Cybercriminals use VLC Player to distribute malware. read the news


The latest rumors suggest that the new Samsung Galaxy S23 will arrive with MediaTek processors. read the news

It will be the Snapdragon 7 Gen1, Qualcomm’s premium mid-range chip. read the news

Motorola is taking over from the S Pen with its new Moto G Stylus 5G. read the news

Realme joins the trend launched by Apple and which does not convince users. read the news

Google is tired and considering ending one of the most intrusive app permissions in the Play Store. read the news

computers and tablets

ASUS announces its RTX 3090 Ti, the most powerful graphics card on the market will have TUF and ROG models. read the news

Dynabook Portégé X40-K: 14″ laptop with 12th generation Intel processor. Read the news

Way of life

Apple may automatically increase the price of subscriptions in the App Store. read the news

With the price of electricity exploding: is it always cheaper to do the dishes in the dishwasher? read the news

How does Alexa work? read the report

How to make and file the tax return from your Android mobile with the official Renta Web 2022 application. read the news

Key points you should review before confirming the 2021/22 revenue plan, according to the OCU. read the news

These Leroy Merlin prefab micro homes are ready to move in with prices starting at 4,500 euros. read the news

fun and game

So you can share free paid apps, games, movies and ebooks purchased on Google Play and Google TV, with up to 5 people. read the news

He is the first actor to have three films in Netflix’s all-time top 10. read the news

Netflix introduces a new category of movies that will make your life easier. read the news

Disney+ released the Gal Gadot movie which was banned in several countries. read the news

The Bridgertons continue to break records on Netflix: it’s their secret. read the news

The director of The Squid Game surprises with his new intentions for the second season. read the news

Netflix secret codes in 2022 (updated list). check list


Vodafone aims to turn cars into smart vehicles with its new CarConnect. read the news

Uber does not want to be pigeonholed as a taxi app and will become a transport conglomerate. read the news

The fines that can be imposed on you for not having taken or crossed a roundabout, according to the DGT. read the news

The simple trick to avoid keyboard errors in Android Auto. read the news

science and culture

Rocket Lab won’t land its rockets like SpaceX’s, it’ll capture them from a helicopter in flight. read the news

Stanford engineers create a solar panel that also produces electricity at night. read the news

ChestLink is the first EU-approved AI that analyzes x-rays and issues a report without human supervision. read the news

Coloring books for adults: 6 medical reasons to take back your markers. read the news

What is L-carnitine used for? read the news

How often can ibuprofen be taken? read the news

Type 2 diabetes could be controlled without medication thanks to ultrasound. read the news

The curiosities of the day

This grandmother went viral on TiKTok thanks to her 3 special rules for her funeral. read the news

These capsules allow you to store and protect your bike, even on the street (video). read the news

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