a breath of fresh air, with the culture of our people

Mexico City

* Fight together for a new world that forever holds in its heart, the gallantry of the lineage of the jaguar and the plumage of the quetzal.

Mexico. The Cultural Spartaqueada 2022 reached its fifth day of activities with the presentation of a tribute to Mexican culture, taking a journey from the splendors of the Aztec Empire to modern Mexico; Considering this, Franklin Campos Córdova, leader of the Torchist movement in the southeast region of the country, said that although very little remains of our glorious former nation, we must pay attention to the memory of our ancestors, so as never to forget the heroism and greatness of these, always thinking of fighting together for a new world, more livable for the humble and which keeps forever in its heart, the gallantry of the jaguar lineage and the plumage quetzal and that is why this cultural fair “is a breath of fresh air, with the culture of our people, which exists, lives and sings in us and which will help us to be victorious”.

The social leader acknowledged that although in Mexico it is common to speak of syncretism between pre-Hispanic and European culture – which is a tendency to combine and harmonize cultures, to erect a new one, which brings together the best of previous ones – , it is impossible not to recognize the contributions that the Mexica people, the bronze race, left to posterity: grandiose buildings, musical instruments or astronomical discoveries; For this reason, the program “showed the memory of our ancestors, the strength, the gallantry, the cult of their gods, imbued with their dances which surprised the Spaniards so much. Although very little remains of our glorious nation, heeding the memory of our ancestors means never forgetting the heroism of our nation.

The Cultural Spartaqueada 2022 began on Saturday April 2 and will end on Saturday April 9; for five days, the artistic banquet shown included poetry, music and dances that filled with great colors and beautiful emotions. La Espartaqueada seeks to promote, inculcate and spread culture and the fine arts among workers because there is an urgent need to save Mexico’s cultural heritage and to call on the people to seek a fairer and more equitable country.

Campos Córdova also recognized that the task, during the more than 47 years of existence of the Torchist Movement, of cultivating the intelligence and creativity that art lends to man, has proved them right, because “under our eyes, these young people who approached themselves through art are today great professionals, who have been able to multiply their skills and cultivate their intelligence, who have fraternized with their peers, thanks to artistic practice”.

The cultural event included the participation of the central and southeastern regions of the country, which delighted thousands of spectators who attended through social networks, with dance paintings titled “Syncretism of the South” and “From the Aztec splendor in the modern age”. They are one more example of the cultural work of the Torchist Movement, which will continue in the coming days with the transmission of these events, completely free at 8 p.m.

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