Abuse or entertainment? Rain of criticism against Pipe Bueno for using a horse in his show

Animal abuse is defined as any behavior animal cruelty or abuse that may cause you physical, mental or emotional harm; in fact, in Colombia this type of action is considered a crime, for which fines must be paid and even years in prison.

However, for some, it is still unclear which cases belong to this group, as many activities are currently being carried out that could threaten the well-being of the species and, even so, “normalized”; many say that horse shows or shows are part of it.

It is for this reason that the famous singer of popular music, good tip, has been the target of criticism on social networks, after making a publication in which we see him riding a horse to put on a show during one of his concerts; users have come forward in the comments, assuring that this is a practice What should be considered animal abuse? because that is not the environment a horse should be in.

“Ay ayyy TIGHTEN THEY QUALIFIED US!! We will continue to mix our horse culture, with the musical genre, he breaks the boundaries. Long live popular music and regional music”, was the text with which the artist accompanied the controversial video, published on the Instagram social network.

And it is that, as we can see in the recording, the popular singer rides a horse that crosses what would be “the stage”, while many people record with their mobile phones (with flash on) and shout as the musical star passes, one of his songs plays in the background at high volume, and overwhelming white lights that are part of the backdrop flash rapidly in the last seconds.

Video of Pipe Bueno’s show, performed with a horse. Photo: Instagram @pipebueno

It was precisely the exposure to lights, the large number of people who had attended the event, and the unbearable noise, are some of the reasons that have caused many people to show their displeasure, opening a debate between those who showcase their creativity and the majesty of their spectacle with a beautiful specimen, and others who rely on the rights of the animal and taking care of their well-being.

“Poor Little Horse” “Everything is very beautiful, but I think these strong lights can annoy the horse”“poor little horse with that trot and put away those lights”, “I don’t think a single hair in a place with noise and lots of lights isn’t healthy for the horse, they’re not for that” , “horses aren’t for that, they’re stressed, but these people are kind of trying to get the public’s attention,” “In the middle of 2022 still with archaic shows with animals”, were some of the reactions.


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