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On March 5, the country rejoiced following the triumph of young Olympic athlete Glenda Morejón, who won a gold medal in the 35-kilometer world race in Oman. Her first triumph that happened was in 2017 when she won the gold medal at the World Youth Athletics Championships in Nairobi, Kenya, at that time Glenda received a monthly stipend of only 60 dollars, which disrupted the famous high performance program that Correismo raised in its Advertising. The young woman with shoes patched by her mother had the contribution and efforts of her teacher and trainer, Giovanni Delgado, who trained her from age 7 to 19; Delgado is now the coach of athlete Karla Jaramillo, who also continues to achieve national and international achievements. This teacher, like the others, knows that activity is central to the teaching-learning process. It is in conscious activity (theory and practice relationship) that the human being interacts with reality to know it and transform it. In the attention to this conception of humanity and intelligence, the conviction and the work of the teacher manifest themselves. This is done in permanent conflict with the material living conditions of students from popular sectors, seeking to guarantee the mastery of their skills, aptitudes, abilities; and for this, in many cases, teacher support goes beyond theory.

Delgado founded the Tarquino Jaramillo School of Athletics several years ago, repeatedly organizing sports competitions in honor of Teachers’ Day (April 13), in which Glenda and Karla participated, who triumphed for their efforts. But they are also a living expression of guided activity in the educational process, of the teacher-student relationship, of planned, organized and directed activities in multiple learning scenarios. These activities do not only require preparation and commitment on the part of the teacher. Its development is subject to investments and resources for life and work. Delgado has been a teacher for more than 20 years between the Otavalo school and the Ibarra educational unit, and with his teaching salary he continues to contribute to the development of various athletes (hydration, mobilization and sportswear ). The State has never provided him with additional means, despite the exploits of the athletes to whom he contributes in their training.

Sport is one of the most encouraged activities at school and college, it helps generate discipline without violence and it is there that many teachers, especially physical education teachers, know the talents of children and adolescents. . As well as in the laboratory, audiovisual room, auditorium, oratory club, basketball, football, athletics, where teachers can better carry out various practical activities, and for this reason, we carry out many times of our salary for teaching or investigation materials, thereby guaranteeing the right to quality education. This example perhaps helps to understand why teachers are asking the government to respect equal pay for teachers, which improves the living conditions of teachers and their work in the classroom, for the benefit of their students. (WHERE)

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