Are the French adepts at meditation?

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Are the French adepts at meditation? This is what one might think when one of the most famous applications in France is that of Petit BamBou, devoted to the practice of mindfulness. Perhaps also a reflection of the need to shut up within and seek balance in mental and emotional health.

It is one of the most downloaded applications in France and its icon, an old and very smiling little monk, is already a familiar figure in Gallic country.

To date, the Petit BamBou application offers 1040 meditation sessions divided into different programs. © Petit BamBou

Created in 2015, -originally a simple Facebook profile-, the Petit BamBou application, dedicated to meditation, has succeeded in a few years in seducing 9 million subscribers worldwide.

This application is the result of two engineers, Benjamin Blasco and Ludovic Dujardin. Stress at work, fast pace of life, noise – all this motivated the two Frenchmen to seek a breath of fresh air in their lives and intuitively began to be interested in the practice of meditation.

Seven years after its creation, Petit BamBou, which can be translated as “Little BamBú”, is present in 40 countries and available in six languages.

“Half an hour of meditation is essential, except when you are very busy. Then an hour is necessary…”

“Half an hour of meditation is essential except when you are very busy. So an hour is needed. The quote is from Saint Francis de Sales and we found it on the Petit BamBou website. A wink to talk about the importance of being silent in life, of taking advantage of these little parentheses to concentrate, that is to say relocate our center of attention.

And although Petit BamBou was a pioneer in the field of mindfulness, new options arise every day to help people seek this space of silence, of connection with themselves or even with God, in the case of believers. .

One example is App Hallow, billed as “the number one Catholic app in English”, dedicated to prayer and which has just launched its Spanish version. Another example is “Rezandovoy” another of the most downloaded applications in the Hispanic world, a prayer project created in 2011 by a community of Jesuits in Valladolid, Spain.

Content produced by specialists

To come back to Petit BamBou, behind this Franco-Luxembourgish company, there is a team of around twenty people. To date, in French alone, 1040 sessions organized in different programs such as stress management at work, relations with others or the theme of compassion are offered.

Listen to the full interview with our interviewee Myriam Campelo here:

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For content development, the Petit BamBou team relies on specialists such as Christopher Andrefamous French psychiatrist, author of numerous books on personal development and one of the pioneers to offer meditation to his patients as a therapeutic tool.

Another example is the learning program for controlling attention and concentration mechanisms, carried out in collaboration with Jean-Philippe Lachaux, research director at INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research). This researcher has given several lectures on the subject of attention.

Interviewee: Myriam Campelo, director for Spain and Latin America of Petit BamBou.

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