Barcelona wants to reopen to the sea through sport

Barcelona plans to reopen to the sea by promoting and organizing the practice of sport, at sea, on sand and on asphalt. Or complete, in a good way, this Olympic heritage of the city… The first deputy mayor and councilor for sports, the socialists Jaume Collboni and David Escudé, yesterday presented the initiative Pavello blue , a set of municipal interventions to be carried out over the next eight years whose main objective is to complete the backbone of the city’s coastline and increase its attractiveness for the public. The planned investment is approximately 28 million euros.

“The America’s Cup brought excitement and optimism to the city
-stressed the first deputy mayor-, but we have the overall ambition to be the best city in the world, in terms of quality of life, sport, culture… Pavello blue will transfer all this ambition to the citizens by encouraging their participation”. The socialist Collboni also pointed out that one of the achievements of the 1992 Olympics was to make the people of Barcelona look at the sea again. Pavello blue be a throwback to this look. the Pavello blue She has the sky for roof and the sea and the city for walls.

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Yes, there are still some outstanding issues in the city. Because from the W Hotel to the Olympic Port everything looks very neat. People run everywhere, swim even in winter, climb to calisthenics… And sometimes coexistence with the rest of the citizens seems a bit complicated. The project Pavello blue plans to delimit certain areas for the practice of specific sports. These divisions, however, are still in the making. Up to 39 disciplines are practiced on the Barcelona coast.

The town hall plans to redevelop the busiest areas and take full advantage of the forgotten ones

In fact, the city council has been working on some kind of plan for sports uses of the coastline for months, especially after the pandemic has multiplied the love of beach volleyball and the problems of coexistence. One of the big problems at Barcelona is the lack of space. Every square centimeter is regulated, must be regulated. The five kilometers of coastline are no exception. In addition, the Consistory is already preparing a fee for the occupation of public space to carry out economic activities for these coaches, which have been so frequent lately that they still involve around thirty sweaty pupils.

But after the Port Olímpic, especially after the Mar Bella, where Barcelona has not yet created walking conditions, everything is diluted, the tessitura are different. Here opens the road to decongestion. The large platform of the marine zoo, which was never built, is destined to become once and for all a large space for sports practice. Perhaps then, with a suitable ride and a living marine platform, the great esplanade of the Fòrum will gain public notoriety. These are urban challenges that have gone on for too many years. The already popular former adviser Alberto Fernández has requested countless times that this platform be dedicated to sports, for decades. This municipal initiative must bring the determination that has been lacking for so long.

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FINAL SAILING BERMUDAS 35TH AMERICA'S CUP:BER51.  HAMILTON (BERMUDA ISLANDS), 06/25/2017.  Photograph Sunday, June 25, 2017, of the 'Emirates Team New Zealand' celebrating after the ninth race of the 35th America's Cup, in the parish of Sandys, Bermuda Islands.  Emirates Team New Zealand's crushing victory over defending champion Oracle Team USA 7-1 in the final represented the triumph of the youngest team to revolutionize world sailing.  EFE/John G. Mabanglo

Corn Pavello blue It’s a long trip. The horizon of the new promenade in the district of Sant Martí is still very vague, and the renovation of the marine platform will in no way be ready this summer. Perhaps then, the Consistory has here, as at other points on the coast, some temporary installations, but the great transformation is still taking place. In truth, most of the first brand new performances were already planned in one way or another, such as the already underway renovation of the municipal sailing school. The renovation of the entire Port Olímpic is one of the key elements to promote navigation and enjoy the Mediterranean, beyond simply soaking in it. The promotion of water sports and the sea will have new spaces. Pavello blue It includes, through the Barcelona Esports Institute (IBE), a new 3,263 m2 water sports center in the Moll de Marina. The city council will also redevelop the nautical base of Mar Bella. “The coastline is our sports facility and we want seaworthy Barcelona. Thirty years after Port Olímpic’s candidacy to host the 1992 Games, what we are presenting today is a new revolution,” said Councilor Escudé.

The Port Olímpic reform must play a key role in this new relationship between the city and the big blue

Collboni and Escudé officiated the presentation of this initiative in front of a large representation of athletes, representatives of entities and simple fans. Everyone seemed very good, everything. Those who did not let themselves be seen were the commons. No councilor from Mayor Ada Colau’s party attended the presentation. One year before the elections, everyone is trying to mark their own profile.

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