Beginning of the technical consultation phase of the Ten-Year Public Health Plan

From this Wednesday, April 6, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MinSalud) begins the technical consultation phase of the first version of the document of the Ten-Year Public Health Plan 2022-2031which includes advances in the formulation of conceptual, strategic and operational elements.

This was announced by the entity through a press release, in which it also explained that the consultation is the third instance of participation in the process of formulating the ten-year plan.

This first version of the document is published for reading, revision and sending of comments by all interested sectoral and cross-sectoral actors, organized civil society and citizens.

According to Omaira Valencia, coordinator of the consultation stage by the Universidad de Los Andes and the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá, “at this stage, the conceptual elements of the policy, the vision, the objectives, the computers and the strategic axes , with their objectives, their scope and elements that will be part of said axes, as well as the operational elements necessary for the implementation of the policy”.

“The Universidad de los Andes accompanied the Ministry of Health and Social Protection as a consultant. The consultation will be carried out through surveys that have been developed according to psychometric methodologies, which will allow to recognize the value of the perceptions of all interested parties,” informed this portfolio.

The document containing the proposed conceptual, strategic and operational framework will be available for comments and feedback and can be downloaded via the 2022-2031 Ten-Year Public Health Plan microsite on the ministry’s website. At the end of the period of receipt of contributions, the analysis of information and new elements that will be part of the Plan will begin.

This new Ten-Year Public Health Plan focuses on issues such as migration or the digital transformation of the health sector, issues that have increased with the covid-19 pandemic. – Photo: Getty Images

According to the ministry, this is the first of two consultations that will be held openly, as part of the development of the Plan. “Between the end of May and the beginning of June, the second consultation will open in which the administrative acts, the sectoral and intersectoral actions, the objectives of the purposes and the objectives of the actions will be presented, as well as the complete document of public policies”, reads- we in the press release.

How to participate in the consultation?

The process of developing the Ten-Year Plan took place in three major stages: diagnosis, technical definition and consultation. The stages of diagnosis and technical definition had a participatory process and now that the formulation group of the Ministry already has a draft document of the plan, it is put out for consultation for public opinion.

There are two types of surveys: for the general citizen and for people who know or are part of the health sector. The survey for general citizens is simpler and the one designed for people with knowledge of the health sector has more questions because they know the sector and the health system better.

This survey will be available until April 20. Those interested in participating can access via the link “It is expected that all the inhabitants of the country, informed or not on health issues, participate and contribute to this important process”, specifies the ministry.

The authorities explained that those interested in responding to the survey will find the draft document on the page, which has three main sections: conceptual, strategic and operational framework. The citizen consultation, they detailed, is centered on the axes of this strategic framework, and there is also a last section where they can make a different contribution on the questions not consulted.

The survey for the public in the health sector is also focused on the strategic framework which has five main axes, but there are also two last sections to give an opinion on two other frameworks, the conceptual and the operational, in order to that they can leave their contributions to the preliminary draft document of the ten-year plan.

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