“Behind the sports fair, there are great projects”

The sports industry will again have the main role in the 21st edition of SportBizLatam. The event will bring together more than a thousand participants, more than 400 companies and leaders from organizations such as FIFA, Conmebol Concacaf, NBA, La Liga and MLS.

There will be new thematic axes, innovations and topics that are trends in the field will be announced and it will have the support of entities such as the Johan Cruyff Institute, Hilton, Quilmes, Footballco and Diario AS, which will be the global media partner of the event.

Patricio Baigorrotegui, director of Good Morning Sports, organizer of the congressspoke about what attendees will find over the two days of conferences and workshops, the changes the industry has undergone, the importance of partners, the networking offers and proposals companies will have and the content areas of this edition.

What will be the content axes of the 21st edition of the event?

For this edition of the Congress, we will focus the content of the sessions on Sports Management, Digital Transformation, Talents, Marketing and Sporttainment. Sport management in view of what clubs, leagues and federations identify as challenges and opportunities, digital from the added value offered by new technologies, talent to recognize the profiles most required by the industry , marketing to know the most effective activations and how creative approaches a new revenue stream can be achieved and Sporttainment with a focus on the demands of sports audiences.

Since you started with SportBizLatam, how much has the sports industry changed and how businesses and professionals view it?

Holding 20 editions in 11 countries has allowed us to closely follow the enormous evolution and impact that the industry is having, both structurally and professionally. Professionalization is already a fact and the main challenge is given by accelerating the size of the company and promoting income diversification. Today, any company in search of notoriety and immediate growth can meet its expectations by partnering with sports properties. In the case of professionals, there is already evidence that they can project a career in the sports sector, that there are talents for their development and that a competitive offer can be visualized to attract resources from other industries. .

The speakers of this edition represent major sports organizations, what news will bring the representatives of FIFA, Conmebol, NBA, FCF and others?

The lineup for this edition includes decision makers such as Luis Figueroa, Head of Partnership Sales at FIFA; Adolfo Romero, vice president of event programming at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park; Alejandro Lesende, financial and administrative director of CONCACAF; Gustavo Arellano Jorge, FIBA ​​Business Development Manager; Cristina Benitez, head of digital communication at CONMEBOL; Luis Nogaro, Senior Director of Sports Marketing at Warner Media; Benjamín Romero Amaya, marketing and commercial director of FCF. There are more than 40 stakeholders with multiple profiles with a great knowledge of the profession.

Often the simplest questions of what, how, where and why require the most complex answers. Behind all the sports spectacle, there are big plans, strategies and developments that our speakers will share with us, always with a dynamic that focuses on relevant data, with figures, projections, advice, learnings and the more important is to anticipate what happens to come

How will networking offers and proposals be offered this time around?

Since previous editions, we have managed to optimize the networking experience through our multi-device platform. But in addition, this year we will include workshops so that visitors to sports properties can have a greater connection with some of our speakers. The essence of SPORTBIZ is the interaction between all members of the sports ecosystem.

What are the trending topics that will be covered in this edition of the event?

Some of the conference’s conferences and panels will focus on topics such as managing the new digital economy, generating content for more diverse audiences, building the digital heritage of sports properties and the keys to organizing sporting events in mass. We try to spark those conversations that industry leaders see as essential to continuing to grow and professionalize the industry.

How important is it to have partners like the Johan Cruyff Institute, TNT Sports, YouGov, Hilton and Diario As?

Keys. They are a seal of trust and hierarchy. Very important players in the industry who understand that these spaces are necessary for the development and growth of the sector. We always say that SPORTBIZ belongs to the industry and we are only facilitators, the more companies and professionals get involved, the more we will see the company grow and grow.

What can event attendees expect in terms of experience and why should they buy tickets?

Mainly connect and learn, in an environment conducive to networking and creating opportunities. We are going to have two days with a lot of content and the opportunity to connect sports real estate professionals, sports related companies, media professionals, sports marketing agencies, independent professionals, sport, service providers, vocational training centers and managers, not only in Latam but also by building bridges with Europe.

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