Benefits of the Right Company Culture

Company culture is a key factor in establishing the work and laying the groundwork for the interaction that takes place every day, at all levels of the organization. When the corporate culture is well defined, it allows candidates and employees alike to identify with the company’s values.

Cegid, in Latin America Cegid Meta4, the Payroll and Talents cloud solutions brand, presents assets for designing an attractive corporate culture for people, such as:

Generates greater employee engagement.

  • A positive culture, adapted to the daily reality of work in the organization, increases the rate of employee engagement, generating loyalty and a sense of belonging.

Increase employee retention levels.

  • Engagement is directly linked to employee retention and turnover, making company culture a relevant factor in reducing the risk of key talent drain when deciding whether or not to keep a job.

Increase productivity.

  • Employees who are satisfied with the company culture tend to be more productive. They act as part of the solution to the day-to-day challenges of operations, resulting in the achievement of business goals.

Boost the employer brand.

  • Many candidates consider a company’s culture before applying for a job. A strong and positive work culture is a prerequisite for most job seekers today. Therefore, we need to showcase and promote the things that set us apart from other companies to capture the attention of the talent we seek to recruit.

Currently, there are various technological tools that facilitate and accelerate the digitization of processes and their realization, such as interaction and communication, collaborative work and task management; to improve and maintain, over time, the corporate culture in all corners of the organization.

One of the challenges for HR professionals will be to leverage digital technology to develop new ways to attract, manage, organize, assess, reward and retain the necessary talent that drives the culture. of the company.

Organizational culture and technology are interrelated variables that must evolve together. In the current context, it is also important for organizations to take into account a third variable that will support both digital transformation processes and corporate culture: talent. For this reason, the culture must foster processes related to innovation and agility.

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