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The next April 19 from 9:30 a.m. newspaper advertising will celebrate a new Big Data Forums which will take place at Callao City Lights. To warm up the engines, the previous interview comes from the hand of Antonio AndujarCustomer Data Technology & Ops Lead at Publicis Group.

Last year, in the forum, there was a lot of talk about Big Data in a more solid and secure environment. How is this task accomplished?

Like any relatively recent technological discipline, it is going through a period of maturation in three respects:

  • Democratization of access to Big Data technologies for any type of organization. At this stage, the large clouds (AWS, Azure or Google Cloud) offer many solutions that facilitate the deployment of Big Data solutions.
  • Creation of increasingly safe environments. Big Data works with data and often this is sensitive or is under the protection of privacy regulations. At this point, more and more organizations are working in collaboration with the cybersecurity and privacy fields to create big data architectures.
  • Tangible business impact. Currently, Big Data technology is accessible to virtually every organization as the investments that were huge before have now been scaled up a lot. As a result, Big Data projects increasingly have better business impact (ROI).

Google’s announcement to weed out third-party data, over time, looks more and more like the story the wolf is coming. Companies have been preparing for this moment for some time, but do you think it will eventually happen?

In my opinion, this is something that will happen because it is related to people’s privacy and all international law works in this way. However, I do not rule out that there is a delay because Google does not yet have its fully tested and industry-accepted alternative to third-party cookies or, for example, because it has to deal with a United States antitrust lawsuit.

Is Big Data an essential tool for the evolution of cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain, which is nothing more than a transfer of data with -complex and secure- encryption. So if we take into account that cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, we already have the perfect equation with Big Data by having to manage a large volume of data through advanced analysis to strengthen the integrity and security.

And in Health, what role does data play?

As mentioned, Big Data is basically the technology used to collect information and perform analysis with a large amount of data. This is done in order to extract the most relevant points. Thus, Big Data in the healthcare sector refers to the analysis and collection of patient data and information, with a view to extracting relevant information about cases and their treatments. Thanks to this, we can already see many examples of how Big Data manages to automate and accelerate the process of data extraction and analysis combined with algorithms based on machine learning in the medical field.

Finally, what is the importance of Big Data in the NFT world?

The involvement of NFTs in the Big Data world is very similar to cryptocurrencies as they also use blockchain technology.

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