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The Canarias Crea program supported 66 cultural actions during the first quarter of 2022, mostly performing arts, in 14 countries and 9 autonomous communities.

In its new stage after the difficulties of the pandemic, the Canarias Crea program has fostered the presence of 244 island culture professionals in 14 countries around the world during the first quarter of 2022 and plans to support more than 300 trips in the coming weeks. . In other words, this means that every day of the year there are on average three people from the cultural sector of the island somewhere on the planet doing their professional work. The Canarian Institute for Cultural Development (ICDC), a public company of the Autonomous Government, is responsible for managing this program, which allows professionals from different cultural areas to benefit from travel assistance.

In these first ninety days of 2022, when Canarias Crea is already operating at full capacity and with a volume similar to that of the period preceding the global health crisis, a total of 66 requests or initiatives have been supported. Most (40%) are related to scenic arts (30% theater and 10% dance), nearby is the Music, which covers 34% of activities. There was also room for actions around the book and the Literature (12%), the visual arts (9%) and the sector audio-visual (3%).

All this happened in almost fifteen countries in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Czech Republic and Belgium), the United States, Latin America (Cuba, Costa Rica and Mexico) , Africa (Tunisia) and Asia (Lebanon). To this must be added a good number of invitations to professionals from the Canary Islands to attend cultural activities in nine Spanish autonomous communities.

In this way, it is promoted that the cultural sector can take its artistic creation or its professional action beyond the islands, thus contributing to the professional stability of a sector particularly affected by development in a fragmented territory far from the mainland and the main centers of cultural production.

So far this year, artists from the islands have presented theater and dance performances, exhibitions, residencies, concerts and tours outside the archipelago in different stage spaces around the world. Other workers in the sector have frequented festivals, fairs and markets in their role of management, creation or guardianship. Thus, there has been a Canarian representation in events such as the Malaga Film Festival, the Jazz I Am International Meeting (Barcelona), the Beirut International Music Festival and beyond, the Festival de Artes Vivas Sâlmon ( Barcelona), ARCO (Madrid) and Art Madrid, among others, as well as in a wide variety of cultural spaces.

Cultural Heritage

It should be remembered that in addition to the usual cultural areas that have been supported in the 17 years of Canarias Crea history, cultural heritage is also added, which must be energized in this new stage. The aim is to encourage professionals in this field to also benefit from travel support if they are working on a project outside the islands as a principal researcher, or who receive an invitation to participate in congresses or conferences. as a speaker.

In this context, a travel bag program has been set up so that heritage professionals can attend the next CM Malaga Culture & Museums International Tech Forum, an important international meeting to be held in the Andalusian city on June 20 and 21. Canarias Crea will be able to cover travel and registration for the congress, up to 300 euros per professional assistant.

Next weeks

Canarias Crea has already approved more than a hundred activities that will take place over the coming months. A figure that will be greatly multiplied, as expected, since the program can receive applications up to a month before the start of the activity. However, for the months of April and May, some 300 new trips are expected to attend professional opportunities in countries such as Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Cape Verde, Colombia, Portugal and the United Kingdom, in addition to those already mentioned, and practically all the autonomous communities. Likewise, it is recalled that information on its operation and access to Canarias Crea applications can be found at, a site also hosted on the ICDC website.

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