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The song Kingdom, the entrance theme of cody rhodes, lasts 3h30; however, by the end of Raw after WrestleMania, he had to ring more than five times in a row. The reason? The ‘American Nightmare’ was left signing autographs, taking photos and returning the love to those at ringside at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, showing he was back to WWE with a different mentality, showing that he fully understands sports entertainment.

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For those who don’t know cody rhodesI’ll try to summarize the story: after debuting in WWE In 2006, the former member of The Legacy was without pain or glory until 2016. The son of Dusty Rhodes could never establish himself in the company of Vince McMahon, ending his days with the character of Stardust, a irrelevant fighter in the main cast of Raw. .

However, Cody He left with Tony Khan to be a fundamental pillar in the creation of AEW. Along with the Young Bucks, Rodes was one of the first recognized faces the company had to deal with WWE. his contempt for WWE was so important that he decided to create his character “American Nightmare”, using the song Kingdom as his entrance theme. The theme of the group Downstait is a kind of tiradera towards WWEsince he talks about or tries to tell about the “injustices” that are committed with the talents of the McMahon company, being Cody one of the “wounded”, as he believed he had the talent to be stellar and not a jobber.

six years later, cody rhodes he or she returned to WWE. Wrestlemania, the company’s most important stage, welcomed him to face Seth Rollins in what was the best fight of the two nights of ‘Showcase of the Immortals’. From the press room at AT&T Stadium, we could hear the standing ovation the 36-year-old wrestler received. Even when he appeared on the stand, the screams were more deafening than with Stone Cold Steve Austin himself.

AT&T Stadium exploded: it was the return of Cody Rhodes
Here’s how we’re experiencing Cody Rhodes’ return from the AT&T Stadium press room

It was Saturday night. Sunday morning, Rodes himself said WWE he wanted to talk to the media. El Comercio was invited to the press conference to which only 16 media from around the world were contacted. However, due to an item on the agenda, Cody He only answered nine questions and I didn’t have the opportunity to consult him for his legendary comeback.

Among all the highlights, “American Nightmare” highlighted three aspects: the gratitude towards AEW for allowing him to take a big leap in his career, the joy of returning to WWE to be the face of the company or to be in the plane of the stars and gratitude with the whole universe of WWE, including the media, because he was very cordial. After finishing the conference, he received us all, one by one, to greet us and give us a hug as a sign of mutual respect.

Monday evening, WWE He invited us to Monday Night Raw at the American Airlines Center, the last event of the itinerary in the city of Dallas. As expected, the show started with Cody, The man of the moment. Rodes came to the ring to deliver a promo that left two big messages: he’ll be looking for the star plane because “he’s up for the challenge” and it’s obvious he’ll have a big push in the near future. When he finished speaking, they sent out commercials on TV, while in the arena, Rodes tried to wave goodbye to everyone on Raw.

Cody Rhodes blew up the American Airlines Center with his Raw entry |  Photo: WWE
Cody Rhodes blew up the American Airlines Center with his Raw entry | Photo: WWE

During another segment, Kevin Owens came out to say he will face Cody in the main event of Raw. What we didn’t know was that it was going to be a dark game, that is, outside of TV programming. For those not at AAC, the episode of Raw culminated with Roman Reigns and his Unified Titles promo.

After that, Rodes and Owens came out in the ring for the main event. before the fight Cody He jumped out of the ring and went to the public area to ask for their support. As expected, he received many expressions of affection. The “American Nightmare” understood the sports entertainment business very well, making the public an actor in all its decisions. The fight wasn’t fake, Rodes won, but what had the most impact was the final promo.

I don’t like endings. I don’t know where to end. I’ll only tell you one thing: now I’m going to the front row to be with you. What they want. Hugs, photos, autographs. This is for you and is a sign of affection. I will do this until security removes me from the arena. I love you very much, have a good night, “said Rodes. Immediately he jumped to the front row and went one by one. Autographs, selfies, hugs and greetings. Cody He spent over 15 minutes waving to his audience, boosting his star power for future performances.

This ended El Comercio’s tour through Dallas, but the importance it gives had to be emphasized. cody rhodes to the public. He understood that they are the ones who buy the posts, the tickets, among other things. The prodigal son is back WWE and should go to the star plane immediately. Although, as The Undertaker said during his “Hall of Fame” induction ceremony: “Never say never.”

Cody Rhodes returned in style to WrestleMania |  Photo: WWE
Cody Rhodes returned in style to WrestleMania | Photo: WWE


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