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The city’s biggest alternative music event will be held in October, after a five-year absence

By: Ana G. Silva

The Wird Festival is one of the most important alternative music events seen in San Luis Potosí; However, due to various factors, this meeting of the freshest trends in Mexico and the world has not taken place since 2017, the year of its third edition, but in October of this 2022 he returns to the city. The orchestra spoke with Vladimir Zamarripa, Project Director of Fundación Real Ecológico AC and one of the minds behind the Wird platform, for more details.

Zamarripa explained that Wird Festival has been selected to obtain the Profest, which is Support for Cultural and Artistic Festivalsappeal launched by the Ministry of Culture of the federal government and which will be promoted by the association Real de Catorce Ecológico, led by Petra Puente Córdoba.

Vladimir said that Promotes the development of artistic and cultural festivals focusing on dance, performing arts and musicwhose criteria were the inclusion of communities and vulnerable groups and the generation of conversations.

The cultural manager pointed out that Wird is betting on proposals in tune with the global underground scene so that in San Luis Potosí The same things that happen in Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles or Barcelona can happen:

“Generating these experiences at the local level and making a community visible, because the festival involves designers, creative people from different fields and people who are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​generating a musical scene. Unlike previous editions, which were a format where we had a big stage with 8 continuous hours of live music, with 10 bands playing consecutively, this year the idea is that it pervades the whole city, that it integrates, that it participates in the community and generates the transit of national and international talent”.

Zamarripa pointed out that is proud that the Wird team has managed to be the only project in San Luis Potosí to select, as well as the only one of its kind.

Regarding the question of why the news is relevant for San Luis Potosí, he affirmed: “this is a showcase to show this creative community, i was sure this was the year to save the projectlike many of those who started with us, who have matured professionally and as children, generate self-managed platforms to give rise to exchange circuits with other countries”.

Vladimir explained that being selected for this call puts Wird on a very relevant level, Well, it shares a call with others like Ambulante or the Guadalajara Film Festival.

Finally, Vladimir said that the Wird Fest has always been characterized by risky programming, where you can see what you cannot see in another scenario in San Luis Potosí:

“This year it’s very electronic, avant-garde things, club culture, in addition to artistic presentations, there will be discussions on the cultural rights of young people and we will create safe spaces for expression so that we can be who we are. We will also address the question of networks and alliances, this is the basis of the Wird”.

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