CV Activa and Turisme agree on the need to differentiate sport and active tourism

The Secretary of Tourism of the Valencian Community supports CV Activa’s desire to reform the decree on active tourism that develops the sports law. It was announced by the regional secretary of the Generalitat Valenciana, Francesc Colomer, in the technical seminar held today. “CV Activa’s work schedule and that of Turisme is the same schedule, because we have generated a shared work schedule. In this sense, we had a checkmate with the sports law, but sometimes matches are won in the surrender. The world of active tourism and that of sport are different and therefore must be regulated independently,” said Colomer. He concluded by adding that “CV Activa’s cause is ours and we will fight it together.”

The CV Activa directive considers that it is necessary to be prepared to meet the demands of five and a half million tourists who are looking for a relaxed activity, in contact with nature and who need professionals capable of satisfying these desires. Active tourism and ecotourism have a sufficient entity and need their own updated regulations that consider the specific needs of users, entrepreneurs and destination promotion.

The president of ANETA (National Association of Active Tourism Companies), Óscar Santos, was also present at the seminar. Santos pointed out that “professional regulations that focus only on the requirement of qualifications do not meet the current needs of active tourism. The development of sectoral regulations is necessary”.

On the other hand, the tourist consultant and specialist in active tourism, Raúl Temprano, pointed out that “there are examples in other regulations applicable to active tourism, the occupational risk assessment systems, the professional cards of the industry regulations or guarantee and reservation requirements that are applied in accommodation, can be adapted to Active Tourism”.

Active tourism lawyer Manuel San Millán added that “although the risk is associated with active tourism activities, the rate of accidents in companies is low compared to other areas”. “The degree does not always guarantee an instructor’s expertise when maneuvering or making a decision,” he said.

The technical seminar ‘Comunitat Valenciana, quality destination: regulatory changes and professionalization for the strengthening of the Active Tourism and Ecotourism product’ served to deepen the regulatory changes in the sector and to present the catalog of Active Tourism and Ecotourism companies in the Community Valencian.


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