Dangerous Aesthetic Fashion “Lucky Buddha Ears” Causes Serious Health Problems

Undergoing cosmetic retouching is increasingly common and the motivations for taking the plunge can be very diverse: defying the signs of aging, improving a part of the physical appearance that generates insecurity or even highlighting a trait. .

What is not so common is to find people who undergo cosmetic touch-ups to attract luck, as happens in Vietnam. Beauty salons have warned of a new aesthetic trend sweeping their salons: retouching their ears to look like Maitreya, the Buddha of fortune.

Some followers of Buddhism want their ears to look like those of the Buddha of Fortune


Apparently, more and more followers of Buddhism claim that religion plays a very important role in business. For this reason, they believe that if they adopt an aspect similar to the Lucky Buddha, they will be able to attract good fortune.

To do this, the aesthetic retouching to which they are subjected consists of filling the lobes of the ears with hyaluronic acid so that they resemble those of Maitreya. A procedure that can be performed in just 15 or 20 minutes and is becoming increasingly popular in beauty centers.

However, retouching isn’t as safe as it sounds, let alone if it’s not done in the hands of a professional. Local media recently warned of the case of a patient whose touch-up caused a necrotic ulcer, i.e. necrosis of that area of ​​the skin which lacked oxygen and blood did not not reach it. Not only that, but a patient recently had silicone injected into her lobes instead of hyaluronic acid, for which doctors had to surgically reconstruct her lobes.

Due to the viralization of this practice and the few studies that exist about it, doctors warn of its dangerousness if it is not performed in trusted facilities by experienced professionals.

Doctors have already warned of the dangers of aesthetic fads on other occasions

It is not the first time that doctors have had to intervene after the viralization of an aesthetic trend which turns out to be a dangerous risk for the health of patients. A few months ago, the installation of fake brooches for purely aesthetic purposes became fashionable on social networks. The Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration has already warned of the dangers that this practice entails for oral health: “The brackets must be perfectly indicated and must be placed by specialists”, they assured.

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