Dani Rovira’s foundation fights autism through sport

Improving society through sport. It’s the idea of Ochotumbao Foundation, who organizes a conference this first weekend of April in order to help children with autism. All this, through the Astrade Association.

Astrade It is an association that has its main office in Molina de Segura, but they have different offices in other parts of the Region of Murcia. It was born from the union of about 500 families who have in their bosom a member with Generalized developmental problem. In addition, Astrade considers that the most important goal of the association is to promote the well-being and quality of life of these people and their families during the different stages of their lives. The Fundación Ochotumbao organizes these solidarity sports days to join the cause, with the aim of raising what is necessary to achieve Astrade’s objective.

This fundraising will go entirely to the purchase of the BBmiradas robot, pioneering initiative in Spain, whose objective is the early detection and intervention of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Babies with warning indicators in the socio-communicative development that is based, among other data and observations, in the analysis of visual monitoring of babies.

The importance of early diagnosis is the key so that a specific and specialized early care intervention can be initiated as soon as possible, essential to promote the development and optimize the quality of life of the minor with ASD and his family.

These conferences will last two days, April 2 and 3. They will begin on the morning of Saturday April 2 with a presentation and colloquium at the Villa de Archena Theater at 11:00 a.m., which will be presented and moderated by journalist Fernando Timón. Ramón Arroyo will kick off the conference with his article entitled “Giving up is not an option”.Ramón Arroyo is an athlete with multiple sclerosis, with an extraordinary story of self-improvement, which was made into a movie in 2016, with the name “100 meters” starring Daniel Rovira.

After Ramón Arroyo there will be a colloquium in which various topics such as sport, motivation and solidarity will be discussed, in which Fernando Timón, journalist and presenter of TeleMadrid, Daniel Solano, sponsor of Fundación Ochotumbao, Ramón Arroyo, Carol Ayza, will participate sports communication specialist and fan of outdoor sports and Mi Hoa Lee, actress, who starred in the Félix series and made her own documentary called “Raíces”, and triathlete. On Sunday April 3, the second day of the conference, there will be a sporting event, II Solidarity Half Triathlon.

The participants of this second edition of the Solidarity Half Triathlon will be a large team of friends from Fundación Ochotumbao: Dani Rovira, Paco Roncero, Juanlu González, Ramón Arroyo, Mireia Simó, Juanmi Esteban, Fernando Timón, Silvia Sánchez, Martín Giacchetta, Carol Ayza, My Hoa Lee and Natalia Bermúdez.

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