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With 4.5 million unique users, Debate Media’s Show News site ended February with growth of 77.9% over January 2022, a feat that led it to place, for the first time, in seventh place in the standings. Top 10 sites with the most audience in Mexico in the Entertainment category, where the streaming giant Netflix also appears, in addition to Spotify and Televisa. This progression allowed him to go from 20th to 7th place in just 30 days.

According to data published by Comscore, the international digital audience measurer, from June 2021 to February 2022, the percentage of Show News growth was 172%, starting with 1.6 million, a number that has nearly doubled in just nine months. As for the start of the year, Show News increased by around two million, from 2.5 to 4.5 from January to February, while page views rose from 29.2 to 31.4 million.

information remains among the top ten most viewed sites in the country in the News Media category, garnering 7.4 million unique users. He finished February in tenth place. For its part, My Pocket has experienced an exceptional panorama over the past twelve months, since it has gone from 520 thousand 224 unique users to 4.78 million. This growth comes down to 820 percent per year, making it part of the Top 20 in the same category and to be the fourth financial site with the most audience nationally, after El Financiero, Expansión and Forbes.


As for En Pareja, their journey has also been positive, reaching not only fourth place in the category of Way of life but also achieve a growth of 321.98% last year. In February 2021, it had 910,375 unique users while in February 2022, it had 3.84 million.

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For its part, Soy Carmín ranks fifth in the same category with 3.4 million unique users, 9.3 million page views and 7.5 million visits.

What is ShowNews?

It’s a site where you can find entertainment news in general, as well as trends in social networks, fashion, everything related to youtubers and influencers who are new and much more. Visit and enjoy the latest happenings in the world of entertainment.

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