Decoration: 3 ideas to bring the macrame trend to your plants and pots

One of the trends we’ve seen everywhere is the macramea technique of fabric which looks amazing both in fashion and decoration. Also, one of the ways you can wear this tendency it’s in your floors and jars; and here we will give you some ideas to give it a more casual look at your home with macrame.

Best of decorate your pots and plants with macrame is that you can do this technique yourself and there are endless designs that adapt to the decoration of your home. So if you want to be inspired and wear the tendency from macrame yours gardenkeep reading.

What is macrame?

Macrame is a technique of French origin in which various decorative knots are made for a flawless weave. Usually cotton yarn is used, but jute, linen or synthetic fibers can also be used.

3 ideas to decorate your pots and plants with macrame

Hanging pots with macrame

One of the ways to take advantage of the macrame technique is to make hanging pots, as it will add texture to your home decor and also be the perfect home for your plants. It’s also a great idea for outdoor plants like succulents.

Photo: Instagram @yuca_macrame

Decorate the pots of your plants with macrame

if you like it romantic decoration styleone way to give your plants a plus is decorate pots with macrame, you will only have to perform the technique around the pot and, without a doubt, it will look spectacular. We recommend using yarn in a color that contrasts with both the plant and the pot.

Photo: Instagram @puurrhandcrafts

Macrame braided pots

As we mentioned before, one of the materials with which the technique of macrame It’s with jutenail all natural fiberbecause it is made from a plant. that’s why you can do jute woven pots so that this is where your plants thrive, as this will not only provide them with a safe space for their roots, but they will also benefit from the nutrients of this material and even helps drain excess water during irrigation.

Photo: Instagram @thecordlordco

If you like crafts or plants, you should definitely try the macrame technique because it will give your home a very special and unique look. We recommend combining the fabrics with the color palette of your home so that they complement each other perfectly.


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