Elucubrate, our favorite sport

Elucubrar is a sport in which we all paint ourselves. Dreaming is our favorite practice and I don’t want to fall into it

We had to wait until the last day to shout from the rooftops the qualification of Mexico wing Qatar 2022 World Cup. It’s not a complaint. It’s a reality. The Mexican team managed to secure its seventeenth participation in the final phase of the maximum event organized by FIFA by beating El Salvador 2-0 on the lawn of the Azteca stadium. After drawing with the United States at home and defeating Honduras by the minimum in San Pedro Sula, the ticket to the Middle East was so close to us that it only took one point to get it, although the three in dispute were eventually reached, against a weak Salvadoran team. Nothing less was expected.

The second part of the Concacaf Octagon Final started with two losses against Canada and the Stars and Stripes team, both as visitors. Many attributed the setbacks to freezing temperatures in Cincinnati and Edmonton. However, reality indicated that the operation of the tricolor team was not enough to counter the greater volume of play by the Americans and Canadians. Goals began to be alarmingly rare and the surnames Jiménez, Lozano, Herrera, Guardado and Funes Mori ceased to weigh in, to name just some of the most representative.

At the end of the day, and anyway, the goal was achieved and now we look at what was left of the draw held on April Fool’s Day at the Doha Convention Center. Mexico will start the World Cup against Poland at Stadium 974 on Tuesday, November 22. The second match will be against an old acquaintance, the Argentina by Lionel Messi, has agreed to be held on Saturday November 26 at the Lusail stadium and, finally, the group stage will end against Saudi Arabia on Wednesday November 30 at the same stadium.

The objective of this column is not to make a detailed analysis of each of the rivals of the Mexican team. There will be an opportunity for that and now I’m sure reading these lines you already know what it means to face our “beast” of football, the mighty Argentina, and also feels the difficulty of facing a Polish team that has one of the best strikers in the world, like Robert Lewandowski. Maybe, on the other hand, you have no idea who the personalities of Saudi Arabia are and how they managed to qualify for this World Cup. For now, however, let’s stick to the fact that these nations will be our rivals on the grounds near the Persian Gulf later this year.

It is not my wish to fall into the inevitable game of starting to guess with the traditional forecast of what might happen to Mexico on Qatari lands. I have already read and heard some analysts make their “intelligent” interpretations of the draw and pull out their particular “magic ball” to dare to anticipate what the future of the Habs will be in the World Cup. They are all absolutely respectable. However, for me, the most important thing is to know OR we are right now; WHAT is what we need to do to improve our current football performance and EXCUSE ME we will face a competition in which ALWAYS we got stuck in the round of 16.

Elucubrar is a sport in which we all paint ourselves. Daydreaming is our favorite practice and I don’t intend to indulge in it. I prefer to know, first, if Gerardo Martino has managed to build a strong, competitive and solid team, developing, at the same time, a game idea that identifies his team and that, with it, aspires to achieve these “things mop” that Javier “Chicharito” Hernández was referring to. I must first convince myself whether the former Barcelona, ​​Paraguay and Argentina coach has the ability to exploit the virtues and abilities of a team, whose players have left evidence of their enormous quality in inside and outside. Mexico.

Today, I have serious doubts about the stature of Gerardo Martino and the national team under his command. I’m not convinced that he will take us to the aforementioned fifth game. I’m not asking for it to be deleted either, but we should think about it. However, only now do we need to make a silver cut and be very clear about what we have, where we are going and who our guides will be. Let’s not fall into the traditional sale of smoke, papayas, melons and watermelons because in that, yes, we are world champions.


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