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For Mexican families Salt It is an ingredient that cannot be missing from the table, any type of dish or snack does not taste the same without sodium, however, like all excesses in life, it can be counterproductive for the Health.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), salt is the main source of sodium in our diet, it is essential for life. However, many people consume more salt than necessary, which can affect different organs and cause various conditions. “It causes fluid retention, it makes a person gain weight, so it’s not good for us to eat. Salt in excess,” says Dr. Rosendo Sánchez Medina, president of the College of Physicians of Tamaulipas.


Consuming this ingredient in excess in daily prepared meals can cause different ailments over the years, which will affect the Health of each people.

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“It can increase blood pressure, this is important because it affects the cardiovascular system and also has repercussions by working more than necessary and can damage other organs such as the kidneys, liver, among others,” he said. he assures.

Sánchez Medina pointed out that the overconsumption of SaltIt can trigger a heart attack at a very young age.

“People at 40 or 50 start to face some heart disease issues, and even up to 30, due to high salt intake,” he argued.

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He recommended “to reduce it, because if you compare those who eat little salt, with those who eat excess salt, it increases up to four times more heart attacks or strokes, so it is important to avoid excesses,” he added. affirmed.


President of the College of Physicians of Tamaulipasmentioned that it is necessary for people to consider the indications and have the opportunity to start a low sodium diet and maintain this habit for the best health care of their families.

“Then what is recommended is that we must reduce the abuse of salt more than anything, the diet must be low in sodium, blood pressure increases a lot and can cause heart attacks, heart disease, among others,” he said.

Rosendo Sánchez, mentioned that the ailments caused by the excessive use of this product can be felt by all people, from young people to the elderly, “eating habits are generated that make it very difficult to modify them”.


The expert pointed out that there are other types of natural products with which it can be replaced and that they are the most recommended, with which the bad habits of excessive sodium consumption can be lost and thus avoid affecting the Health of each people.

“Reduce their consumption and try to use more species or herbs that give some flavor to the food and do not cause as many problems. You can use some salt substitutes, which do not contain sodium, sometimes they can be ground garlic, chopped onion, some spices like pepper, oregano and that means hypertensive patients may have d ‘other options,’ he quoted.


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