From Lupita D’Alessio to Caló, musical nostalgia will invade Guadalajara

The company Synergies brings a number of shows to town over the next few months. He has made a selection of concerts with the most recognized and beloved artists in Mexico. For example, next May 7 at 9:00 p.m. in the PALCCO Forum Ágorawill be presented Lupita D’Alessio with his show “Here I am”. Access is available at Boletomóvil.

Then, on June 18 at the Moncayo Theater in PALCCO, at 9:00 p.m., Los Teen Tops and Los Locos del Ritmo will perform with the show “The Golden Years of Rock and Roll”, an evening that our grandparents cannot miss to remember their youth.

In the same place towards the last weeks of July, the show “Los 10 pianos” by director and producer Carlos Herrera will also take place, who explained in a press conference that a journey through different eras is made, from more classic to more contemporary.

To also remember the golden years of pop, the show “Soundtrack. The Playlist of your life”, a concert where several pop figures of the 80s, 90s and 2000s met. These are Caló, Pablo Ruiz, Fandango, Sandoval, Ragazzi, La Onda Vaselina, COX, Xava Drago and Pablo Portillo. The date of this show is not yet defined, but it is planned to take place the third week of August at the PALCCO.

Regarding these events, Radamés Ramírez, managing partner of the Sinergias company, shares that they do not only work with PALCCO, the idea is to make cultural and entertainment projects in other city forums which are not the same as always.

“We have not signed an exclusivity agreement with PALCCO, it is a place that I personally liked a lot for events that are already closed, but there will be other events that will surely not adapt to the logistical and operational needs that we need, For example, now that we are bringing Marvel, we are going to do it at Expo Guadalajara, and what we want is to also give play to other places that look like white or sleeping elephants places that need to be reactivated what people are doing maybe don’t know about them we want the economy of the state flowing all over the place so we are not married to any man business or place”.

Sinergias has been working for 16 years, especially in Mexico City and Monterrey, “and now we have made the decision that over the next five years we will fully immerse ourselves in Guadalajara, because we see a great business opportunity and the need for the the people of Guadalajara have these alternatives Every month we want there to be a macro show and also musical and traditional theater every Sundays throughout the seasons“.

Carlos Herrera, director and producer of “Los 10 pianos” and Radamés Ramírez, managing partner of the company Sinergias. THE INFORMER / E. Esparza

As for the alliance with Marvel, this is the “Avengers STATION The Experience” project, which could take place in Guadalajara in September 2022 or March 2023, “it’s a 14-month project where we will be in Mexico City, Monterrey , Tijuana, Mérida and Guadalajara”, in all states the experience will be lived by the public for three months and in CDMX it will be for five.

“The visit lasts one hour in total. There are six modules and in each one you will find a superhero, you will live an immersive experience where you will be challenged, these are also 3D experiences”. Prices would oscillate at 450 pesos for adults, 400 for children and 350 for groups, however, this remains to be defined, but Radamés underlines that the intention is to have affordable prices for all Guadalajaras.

With the “Harry Potter” brand they are also looking to bring an immersive experience, similar to that of “Avengers”, Radamés says there are three shows around this brand and they will define which one they will bring to the city. He ends by saying that there will be a planning meeting in the next few days to define the schedule of events that will take place for the rest of the year and so the public will already have definite dates and times at their fingertips.


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