Gender equality in sport, a priority to work on


Photo: Daniel Galeana

Within the international framework of Sports Day, the Trade Union Women’s Network organized the second seminar for the World Cup 2026where the focus was on the right to sport, gender discrimination and labor rights.

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“They say the bigger the problem and the more socialized it is, the more discrimination is felt,” said Alexandra Haas, director of Oxfam Mexico (a movement that focuses on the injustice of inequality). “There are always reasons why women don’t have the rights they deserve and it happens in football as in the question of salaries in Liga MX Femenil, which is the most latent”, he pointed out.

On the other hand, sports commentator Georgina González spoke about the differences between men and women in the media, which despite marked years, do not change: “We hear characters like ‘Tuca’ Ferretti justifying themselves repeatedly in saying he’s from another generation and that’s not something new, I’m not telling you something you don’t know, I reaffirm that sport costs a lot of work. We women are getting into the habit of talking about sport and there’s always someone to tell us: you weren’t a psychologist, what did you write, did your father write it for you?

“And most of the media presents women as sports commentators, but when you do a survey to find out who is the best sports commentator, there is none, they are all presenters and conductorsbut they don’t put ‘Perro’ Bermúdez and an analyst like Oswaldo Sánchez in the same basket, there and there it’s only the physical appearance”, he pointed out.

Asked about the progress of the Liga MX Femenil, González did not hesitate to explain the good of the contestalthough he made it clear that to see a difference in pay “Compensation has to be media, the media owes more, there’s what,” he said.

Inés González, who is part of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, continued the panel and gave the floor to Jorge Loyo, master in labor law: “Incredibly in our country there are no unions of professional athletes.

“In football there is a very good deal, but the fundamental rights are not there, if in the United States an agreement has been reached for the women’s national team to receive the same salary, it is because the manly team also stepped in to talk, to say he wanted them to win the same and it wouldn’t have to be like that,” he pointed out. “Here it’s not that ‘they win the millionaires, but yes we should talk so they can at least livethat they have the basics according to what they deserve by devoting a hundred to this, it must exist, ”he concluded.

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