Gender gap in the tech industry

Talking about the conditions of equality at the social and professional level is very easy, the challenge is to change the paradigms that have accompanied us for years to eradicate the culture of inequality. If we want to build more equal societies, we must all contribute from the position in which we find ourselves. We often think that change should only come from institutions; however, there are other micro-level actions that can be taken to achieve this.

The world is going digital, we have no doubt, this means that technology becomes an ally in any field, remote work, distance education or telemedicine would not have been possible in the current context without the Internet connection, mobile devices and computers. Today, thanks to the mobile phone, it is possible to take courses, buy, watch a movie and talk with family and friends. This digitized environment will continue to grow, which means more jobs, education and training; This is why it is important to encourage a more participatory role for women. We are going to need more professionals in the field, men and women. The demand for labor is increasing and I would like to see many of these jobs filled by women.

According to OECD data, 80% of jobs in 2030 will be replaced by STEM careers. Organizations have conducted studies on the current situation of women in STEM fields (science, technology, mathematics, engineering) around the world and in Latin America and show that there is still more to be done. Data from the report “Women in Science, Technology, Engineering in Latin America and the Caribbean”, carried out by UN Women and UNESCO, shows that in 2017, of the total number of researchers in engineering and technology, women are a minority, the country with the highest percentage was Uruguay with 36%, while in Bolivia and Peru the figure was 19%.

Occupying a leadership position in a long male-dominated industry isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either. Women have qualities to stand out in any field, and as I mentioned at the beginning, breaking the gender gap is a shared responsibility. On the corporate side, it is conducive to implement labor policies that promote talent without gender labels, close the wage gap, among other measures. On a personal level, we must motivate and encourage more and more women to start a career in this industry, offer our support for their professional and personal development and show solidarity. I checked the benefits within companies of having female talent, because talking about innovation requires a change of perspective to deal with the issues and the more diverse the opinions, the richer the proposed solution. I am convinced that a diverse workforce is a tremendous asset for companies, diversity of opinion facilitates innovation along the value chain of industries, women contribute to our value beyond gender , we are a committed and valuable workforce that you need to make heard.

On the other hand, when women enter the workforce, there is a direct contribution to improving their health and economic security, to the benefit of themselves, their families, the community and companies.

Just as women need more opportunities, society needs female talents for its prosperity and development. The STEM field and technology companies are in constant development and innovation and to achieve our goals, we need the vision, commitment and responsibility of women.


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