Google Cloud Boosts MSSP Business with New Partner Program

Chronicle MSSP is the new partner program with which Google Cloud seeks to boost the business of its managed security service providers, MSSP, through its SIEM product.

Cloud and security form an inseparable couple. Since Google Cloud They recognize the importance of continuing to strengthen the security offering that the cloud needs in the face of ever-increasing threats. A bet for which she has her partners MSSP those looking to boost their business and take advantage of big rivals such as AWS and Azure.

While major public cloud providers tend to add more Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to their list of partners, Google Cloud doesn’t want to be left behind. It launched its Chronicle MSSP program for this purpose.

The company is seeking to attract new managed security vendors through this program to coincide with its $500 million acquisition of Siemplify and close the final leg of its $5.4 billion purchase of Mandiant.

The launch of this partner program This is one more step for Google Cloud to continue to face its competitors. Something that adds to the security tools that the company launched last summer for its partners in the cloud world.

Today, Chronicle MSSP crystallizes the vendor’s vision for cloud security. As Sharat Ganesh, Head of Product Marketing at Google Chronicle, points out, this program will provide managed security service providers around the world the opportunity to deliver scalable, differential and effective detection and response capabilities with the native SIEM product on the cloud.

“In a highly competitive environment where customers see little difference between vendors, we help equip our MSSP partners with specialized service offerings, enabling branded portals and advanced problem detection, investigation and response capabilities. threat.”

Major MSSPs with Google Cloud include Cyderes, Netenrich, Novacoast, Herjavec Group, and Fishtech Group.

Chronicle MSSP Program Keys

Among some of the features envisioned by this partner program, the company highlights the availability of internal Google Cloud teams to help MSSPs sell solutions that will enable them to unlock new accounts and quickly expand into new territories. .

In addition, the program also offers partners who join it greater control over margins thanks to a “modern licensing model”, something the company didn’t provide details on.

However, through the Chronicle MSSP, partners can integrate their own intellectual property and technology, qualify reports, services and advanced threat intelligence to make solutions unique and easier to sell.

Additionally, MSSPs will be able to streamline and automate customer management workflows through API-enabled multi-tenant environments.

Google Cloud seeks to help MSSPs reduce response times for more profit

As Google points out, the Chronicle platform pulls data from any cloud or dataset to allow security data to be in one place and, perhaps more importantly, correlated on a timeline of events. This ability allows SOC (Security Operations Center) optimize your operations.

With all of this, Google Cloud hopes to help MSSPs reduce their response times, which will help achieve more benefits, both cost-wise and customer-facing. It will also put the company in a stronger position against its competitors as AWS certifies its partners who offer security and monitoring as a managed service.

For its part, Microsoft has MISA, which brings together MSSPs, ISVs, and Azure Sentinel for security intelligence and event management. Today, Chronicle MSSP is taking a bold step into this market where threats and breaches are reaching unprecedented heights

Google Cloud seeks to be the answer to the cloud security needs of many organizations in the hands of its MSSPs.

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