Guide to using WhatsApp Business and boosting your small business

The use of technology in small and medium enterprises step by step is gaining ground in Mexico, Although there is a lot to be done, there are communication tools that streamline your sales processes with your customers. Therefore, we are sharing a quick guide to use whatsapp business in your small business and not fail in the attempt.

Quick guide to using WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has become one of the messaging apps the most used, because according to the Directorate General for Computing and Information and Communication Technologies (DGTIC) of UNAM, it is estimated that there are 77 million people who use daily regardless of age, since young people, adults and even old people have joined this immediate means of communication.

The use of WhatsApp in Mexico is dominant | Source: Special

Due to these characteristics, small, medium and large companies have decided activate a new channel communication with your customers, which you can take advantage of in the professional version of WhatsApp Business, which we’ll walk you through how to use it from scratch.

1- Download and profile creation

In this part, it is recommended to have a number specifically dedicated to your business, with the aim of not sharing your personal phone for security and organizational reasons. Once you have a number for your business or failing that make a backup of your profile only, it is necessary that from Google Play or App Store download whatsapp for business.

It’s easier to serve your customers | Source: Special

This is a free app, so you shouldn’t pay extra service, check that it is the same developer to avoid fake applications. Once you have the application, it is necessary to create a profile of your company, simply enter the options menu, select settings, company and profile settings.

It will ask you to add a photo.corporate image or logo, followed by links to your website or social networks such as Facebook, as well as a brief description of your business and its physical address (if applicable). This way your business will have a face for your next customers.

2- Schedule quick and automatic responses

The advantage of this application is the possibility of speeding up responses to your customers, you can configure da welcome message when they first enter your profile and write to you, as well as curating a list of automatic replies to classify each service or product that interests you.

You can quickly respond to your customers and prospects | Source: Special

To configure your automatic greetings, go to Options, company settings, greeting, write what you want to communicate and select to be the first to send when they write to you and when more than 14 days have passed since the last interaction. In the same way, you can schedule messages when you are not in working hours or going on vacation.

To streamline communication, create quick replies, which will save you from writing the message hundreds of times, these shortcuts works like autocorrect that typing a few letters will display the answers you have preloaded, just enter the options, company settings, quick replies, tap the + to edit your answers. Although you have the option to create menus according to the services or products you offer, but you can add as your business grows.

3- Organization of your chats

For all this, it is essential that communication with your customers is organized to avoid confusion at the close of the sale or monitoring it. To do this, the labels will help you solve them, some of the most used are “new customer, new orders, payments pending, paid, order completed”, in this way, when selecting each label, all customers will be displayed depending on the buying process.

It allows you to track your sales | Source: Special

To apply them, select the cat you are interested in, select tags, add a new one, define the label and validate. In subsequent chats, the created tag will be displayed as an option or the possibility of creating another one.

Finally, these first steps will give you the opportunity to improve communication with your customers, since among the functions that exist as create mailing lists or catalogs you can apply them when the diversity of products and the services you offer are more important, so do not rush and organize this new channel step by step with your customers.

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