Haircuts for men Dare to show them!

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This month of April is a month of changes and of course an ideal month for a change of masculine look. We tell you what are the cuts of hair trend in this fourth month of the year for men.

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Enrique Trujillo, image consultant for 15 years, better known on social networks as @yosoyenriquetrujillo in an interview with the Chrome magazine tells us about men’s hair care and types of cuts

What are the trending men’s haircuts?

If we talk about the trends in men’s hair, we can say that men this year will wear their hair naturally, let’s say men have left their hair natural or wavy.

For this year, guys are going to be giving their hair a lot of structured movement, so we’re no longer using the straight hair, which we were able to achieve on the Oscars or Grammy Awards red carpet with the celebrities who appeared. The cuts were seen not as shaved or as sharp but as subtle.

Cuts have been seen pixie type with a small crest, but very glamorous with an urban touch without losing style. Now men receive a little color in the hair, they bet on the dye, but others prefer the natural.

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What are the most used types of cut?

The types of cups you use are really ‘the seven’, ‘the ridge’ and ‘the wavy’ or ‘natural’. Now a lot of men let their hair grow out, but my recommendation is that if they’re going to look ‘the crest’ or ‘the seven’this type of cut that returns, do not mark it so much, because it is a small touch from the favorites for the new shape of a new style to present itself.

What care should a man consider to take care of his hair?

Currently, men are beginning to take care of their hair. The idea is that they stop using strong products such as gels or creams that don’t match their hair’s Ph. However, men are already investing in good products for their hair, products that shape their hair, in addition to going to specialized centers for hair massage, performing a few touches of colored glitter, which give light to their hair. face.

As a specialist, my recommendation is that each 15 to 20 days the man is in constant hydration with his hair and every two or three months he gets a haircut.


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