Health, everyone’s obligation

As part of world health day, 24 HOURS, He approached two specialist doctors, each of his field spoke about health advice of the utmost importance for the Mexican population.

The first was the doctor Humberto Bautista, medical specialist in psycho-oncology, which has directly addressed the role of the patient and believes that one of the main problems of Mexico it is the lack of good habits on the part of the people and says “the covid although it increased mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, it revealed a series of bad habits that are not beneficial to anyone physically or mentally.

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“To begin with, mortality increased due to people’s susceptibility, but so did suicides, and these were often caused by issues of violence, and how they felt physically, which inevitably affects mental health, c This is why I always tell my patients that we must affirm our rights as people, but also our obligations as patients,” added the specialist.

He added that “many times people come in with very bad conditions that invoke the right to health in the constitution; However, the Section 4 speaks of the right to health protection, health is everyone’s obligation, and it is important that people take care of themselves, because when diseases are very advanced and lead them to a state of prostration, it doesn’t just affect them, it affects those who care for them socially invalidates their loved ones, which also leads those affected to mental health issues,” he said.

On another side, Amanda Cantu, medical specialist in Clinical Nutrition, He said that it is true that we must have good habits and among them the diet stands out, but it is no longer enough to eat all the fruits and vegetables or those phrases that they told us all the time, we must see what we eat of each thing and above all know what we need.

“Vegetables no longer have the same degree of nutrition as before, because they were harvested from poorly nourished soils, and if you add to this the time it takes from the moment they are cut to whether we eat them, or worse, we eat highly processed products like those in supermarkets, in truth we will enjoy almost nothing,” he said.

The interviewee adds: “It is important to go to specialists, a general diet is very difficult to achieve, each of us needs different things, our body expresses its needs in different ways, and after the pandemic and very often, the bad habits that have been adopted there, such as not exposing yourself to the sun, and almost lacking in vitamin D, are already a factor of vulnerability, if we add to this not eating healthy, because many people, because of anxiety, opted for scrap food, it is really dangerous for long-term health, ”concludes the specialist.

World Health Day has been celebrated every April 7 since 1950.


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