Healthy habits to incorporate into your daily life

Habits for a healthier life


Having good hygiene is really important. Wash your hands and teeth frequently as this is a good way to avoid contracting diseases.


Regular physical activity helps you stay physically fit and you will also rest much better. It is not necessary to start with very demanding routines, but to add an action each day that makes a difference, such as walking or cycling to work instead of using the car.

The benefits of physical activity are scientifically proven and involve improvements in the cardio-pulmonary system, weight control, flexibility of movement, stress reduction and increased self-esteem, are just some of them. .

Changes, at first, can be difficult to maintain, but herein lies the key: perseverance is the best ally for changes to be lasting and new behaviors are part of the ultimate routine.

Use drugs mindfully

Taking medication without consulting a doctor can be very dangerous, do it under the supervision of a professional.

eat healthy

Eating in a balanced and varied way, also reducing the intake of sugars and flours: it is only a question of limiting the quantities, not of eliminating them completely. With this you will have a body with more strength and vitality. It is important to remember the importance of diet on World Health Day, but you should apply it every day, if possible.

Drink water

Drinking plenty of water is as important as having a good diet, as it prevents dehydration, helps detoxify the body and is very good for the functioning of the intestines.

No smoking

Smoking is the number one preventable cause of death worldwide. Remember that in addition to the active smoker, the people around you are passive smokers, as they are also affected by the chemicals in cigarettes.

eat little salt

It is important to avoid consuming salt in large quantities, its excess can bring you health problems like high blood pressure. A good option to reduce it is to replace a proportion with pepper.

Get exams

Always, the best remedy against a disease is to prevent it and for this, regular medical examinations are essential.

to get vaccinated

All vaccines in the National Calendar are compulsory, free and are applied in vaccination centers, health centers and public hospitals in the country. In Argentina, the schedule includes vaccines for all stages of life, special situations or for specific groups.

Techniques for assimilating healthy habits

Having good health is not a matter of luck, but the result of acquiring and maintaining a series of healthy habits. Not all people have enough perseverance to maintain certain habits and for this reason, techniques for assimilating healthy habits are highly recommended for this type of person.

Set up a flexible schedule

Discipline and organization are two fundamental variables when making lifestyle changes. The first thing to do is create a calendar in which the daily activities and their duration are organized, the purpose of which is to facilitate the commitment to the new habit.

Set small weekly goals

One of the biggest mistakes in changing daily habits is trying to do too much and going too fast.

In this sense, to manage motivation, it is better to set small weekly goals than large long-term goals. Weekly goals are easier to achieve and they also give more specific information about how the person is doing.

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