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This month, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) offers a series of new Free and open-access virtual courses that aim to strengthen the knowledge and skills of health workers in various public health practices and disciplines.

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The courses are self-learning, meaning that participants can follow them independently, at their own pace, without set times or deadlines to complete them.

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Courses are taken through the PAHO Virtual Campus for Public Health, which is a network of people, institutions, and organizations that, since 2008, have been sharing courses, resources, and information. Currently, it has 1.7 million users.

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The course offer is offered in Spanish, English and Portuguese and includes topics on accurate automatic blood pressure measurement, acute poisoning caused by pesticides, early diagnosis of cancer in children and adolescents, among others. Some of the most popular courses are:

Personal Care for Frontline Emergency Responders

This 10-hour course provides knowledge and strategies for identifying and managing stress associated with the work environment and provides resources and practices for the personal care of personnel on the front lines of emergency response.

Respectful maternal and neonatal treatment

This 25-hour course aims to raise awareness and build capacity on concepts and practices related to respectful maternal and neonatal treatment; identify the legal frameworks that support it; and recognize and describe the use of certain tools to plan, implement and monitor initiatives to improve the quality of maternal and newborn treatment in health services.

Skills and knowledge training for those caring for people with dementia

This self-paced course provides skills and knowledge about dementia, caring for someone with dementia, and self-care for those providing that care, to prevent or reduce mental and physical health problems. associated with the care of these people. Completing the course takes 7 hours.

Overall adolescent health

This 6-hour course aims to improve the knowledge, understanding and skills of program managers and coordinators, health service providers, civil society working for and with adolescents, in order to develop and implement programs, interventions and health services that meet the needs and developmental stage of adolescents.

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The course offering is quite extensive, and participants who review all course materials, pass the assessments, and complete the Virtual Campus quality survey will be able to download the certificate of attendance and endorsement by PAHO. To register, you must enter the entity’s website.

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