Here is Manuela Falcó Corsini, the daughter of Amparo Corsini who rivals her aunt Tamara Falcó in style

Dressed in Miu Miu, flowing hair and flowery earrings,
Manuela Falco CorsiniAmparo Corsini’s second daughter, became a favorite target for photographers at Isabelle Junot’s recent wedding, even stealing the show from her famous aunt Tamara Falcó.

We can say that Manuela was one of the discoveries of the already dubbed “wedding of the year”. It’s not for less, we’re tired of seeing the same faces and except our beloved
Victoria Federica and their efforts to influence, the jet-set puppies of the homeland are shy and have little desire to appear.

How is the discreet (and exclusive) life of Manuela Falcó Corsini

Manuela Falcó Corsini followed the same top secret life trail in the most prestigious circles (with life in London
chelsea district included) until last year he starred in an exclusive interview with the fashion production included in Hola Fashion which made us enjoy his good hanger and statements such as: “At home we only have never given importance to surnames but to the value of the effort” or “of my grandfather
Carlos Falco (late Marquis de Griñón) I learned the importance of knowing how to surround yourself with the little things that make you happy”.

In this report, in addition to verifying that we had only been able to finance Calzedonia fishnet stockings from the entire style display, we discovered that the 19-year-old wanted to explore her own path by studying
History of art in Scotland (although it would be very easy if she wanted to embark on a career as a fashion entrepreneur like other high-society it girls) and that of her father, the banker
Manuel Falcohad inherited empathy while from his mother he kept the aesthetic taste and the love of the Humanities.

Manuela Falco Corsini I would like it to become our cañí version of
Charlotte Casiragui: she is beautiful, she has intellectual aspirations (her dream is to write a book), she has a very stylish mother with a wardrobe comparable to that of Carolina of Monaco who she turns to when she needs it, she can boast enough judgment to scour the flea markets of Notting Hill for vintage bargains to match her style and has the unconditional (and influential) support of her aunt
Tamara Falco who sponsored his favorite niece’s social debut from day one. Is a star being born?


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