Huachicol, health and education, topics to discuss with candidates for Hidalgo

The Candidate and Candidates for Governor of Hidalgo State will be questioned on issues relevant to Hidalgo’s industryas well as for society, among which huachicol, health and education stand out, reported Alberto Paredes Dueñas, president of the Confederation of Employers of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) in Hidalgo.

These will be the questions that will be presented next April 28, day during which the debate will take place between Julio Menchaca Salazar, common candidate of “Together we make history”, Carolina Viggiano candidate of “Va por Hidalgo”, as well as the candidate of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PAVEM), José Luis Lima Morales and that of the Citizen Movement (MC), Francisco Xavier Berganza, which will take place at La Salle University at 6:00 p.m.

“The debate is a format in which we will integrate business organizations and civil society, so we bring together questions from social, economic and other aspects, all coming from the business sector and society.

“We have the problem of security, in which criminal events that have not been seen before are increasing, we also have the serious problem of huachicol which places us as the worst state, nationally, in which this crime occurs “, explained the entrepreneur.

He indicated that he also had education and the backwardness which has worsened with the pandemic, is a key question for the debate“because if we already had a gap at the national level with the pandemic, it has become critical and knowing how we are going to recover these times, we must therefore question the policies which must be very clear, very precise at the level of state level,” he explained.

In this sense, Paredes Dueñas stressed that it is essential that in this debate the needs of the sector, as well as of society, are heard and taken into account, and that the candidate and candidates include these presentations in their agendas. , “and we don’t just want to listen to the priorities that they set,” he explained.

He said that Coparmex in Hidalgo has been described as a non-partisan organization “And we have no preference, no gender, no political variant, no ideology to follow, because we will work with the winner to get the results needed to keep moving forward.”

Also, he stated that the economic recovery will be discussed“and while it may seem like it’s all about money and economics, these issues trigger many other things like well-being, security, paying taxes and well, that end in public works, for example, in addition to the fact that, if the people he earns well, if he has a stable salary, a good income and good social benefits, he has well-being,” he said. he concluded.


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