IKEA enters the solar energy sector in Spain with an investment of more than 100 million euros (Environment) :: CSR commitment

07/04/2022 08:03:58 The Ingka Group, through its investment division, has signed an agreement with Enerparc for the promotion and development of photovoltaic solar parks in Spain, in which it will invest more than 100 million euros. The approximately 140 MW installed will mean the production of approximately 260 GWh per year, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 65,000 Spanish homes.

This is the first large-scale investment in renewable energy in Spain and will include 5 solar photovoltaic energy projects of approximately 140 MW of solar energy. The photovoltaic plants will be located in Andalusia, the Valencian Community and Castilla La Mancha and their construction should start at the end of 2022 and continue in 2023.

Sustainability is at the center of all IKEA business decisions, whose strategy is focused on generating a positive impact on people and the planet and reducing the carbon footprint derived from operations across the group. IKEA.

For this reason, these projects are part of the investment already announced by the Ingka Group to support the goal of being an independent energy company and that 100% of the energy consumed throughout the value chain is renewable. , also generating daily today more energy than it consumes. All of this contributes to the ambitious goal of becoming a 100% circular company by 2030.

Commitment to renewable energy globally

This investment is in addition to that announced today by the Ingka group in Germany, also in collaboration with Enerparc. These projects are part of the €6,500 million investment to support 100% renewable energy consumption with a €2,700 million commitment to renewable, wind and solar energy projects. .

Currently, the Ingka Group owns and manages 547 wind turbines in 14 countries, 10 solar parks and 935,000 solar panels on the roofs of IKEA stores and warehouses. Together, this produces over 4 TWh equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of over one million European homes.

Contribution of IKEA Spain to the global objectives

At IKEA in Spain we also strive to ensure the energy independence of our operations and we have renewable energy production plants with different technologies, such as solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and geothermal energy. The investment in solar panels on our roofs and stores stands out, amounting to 11 million euros. Thanks to these initiatives, currently 85.2% of the energy consumed by IKEA in Spain is renewable.

On the other hand, in IKEA’s commitment to renewable energies, we are also helping to democratize solar self-consumption with the launch of our Home Solar range, with a value offer in the sector that combines the properties of the system with the best conditions and Warranties available for the most part. The launch of this solar panel offering is an important part of IKEA’s global sustainability strategy. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint of IKEA operations, we also want to help people live more sustainably in their homes.

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